A Story of Creation

How the Webweaver's Universe Began
  In the beginning, there was one. Because there was only one, there was none. So the one pulled away and wrenched itself free. Then one became two — twins with separate consciousness and individuality. The second was displeased with this mitosis and the relativity that came with it. As well, this separation started a chain reaction that the second could neither contain nor control. More divisions came — painfully to it — for with each one, Sev felt more diminished and ashamed.
  Orr, the first consciousness, didn't mind the discomfort of this multiplying. The first welcomed its contemporaries with a sense of wonder and awe.
  As the others continued to emerge and explore, Sev tried desperately to return them to their original state. But already, they'd gone too far, exploring the concept of matter through the creation of avatars. Those avatars, while intended to be a reflection of each primordial, became their own agents. Through them, other binary concepts of relativity came to life: good and bad; ugliness and beauty; even male and female sprang forth. With the latter, also came the earliest onset of organic life.
  Sev's desperation grew with each new discovery, until it forced him to do unspeakable things. His hostility soared to murderous heights, until, eventually, his brethren — led by Orr — devised a plan to stop Sev once and for all. They sent an envoy, promising him what he wanted — the chance to return to their original state. Relieved, Sev agreed, but he was not without his reservations. He continued his plotting and planning, making preparations of his own.
  He didn't know what to expect. Neither did Orr, but all of the primitives came together to embrace as a whole. Orr had no idea that Sev had corrupted Nyn's avatar. Slowly, the great spider began to spin a web to surround them. Then, one by one, she was forced to plunge each of her legs into the hearts of the primordials. Nyn could do nothing to stop her own avatar, and slowly, Apaphré turned a deep, gleaming black, save for an hourglass of gold that burnished her abdomen.
  It was clear Sev intended to force them to keep their word, but was not expecting what came next. Slowly, the primordials embraced him and grew with intensity as they clutched each other. Their energy only expanded, building stronger and stronger, until at last, he realized they were planning to make the ultimate sacrifice, and that he could not stop them from doing so. Orr was the only primordial Apaphré hadn't been fast enough to tether.
  The group burst — a great, spherical explosion outward, like a single firework that tore them asunder and flung them into every direction of space. But, Sev's deception hadn't failed completely. At its equator, however, Apaphré's grip held tight to the essence of each of those primordials as everything else exploded into billions of aspects of themselves, alive and not, and forever changed. Central to that, Orr sealed his fate by seizing the great spider and clinging to her midsection. He tried with all his might to tear her apart, to — at the very least — sever their connection to Sev. All of Orr's attempts failed, so his avatar, Itzak, promised to do whatever it took to mitigate the constrains of Sev's betrayal, and plunged into the heart of the dark Twin. In similar fashion, Orr absorbed Apaphré's energy in an effort reverse the corruption she'd suffered.
As the firework bursts, so too, did the primitives — primordial and avatar alike — a nova to shatter the cosmos, flinging their essences in every direction, never to be One again. Yet, thanks to Sev's counter-betrayal and Apaphré's webweaving, the primordials were now indelibly connected, with Orr's mass at the heart, like a wheel with spokes, and Apaphré's web the filament between each, trapping countless galaxies and tying them together magically.
  Of course, not all of the universe suffered this fate, just those of the 9 and those within the filament. Organic life mingled with magical life, mingled with consciousness and individuality. The Webweaver's Universe, as it is now known, came to be.
  Remnants of this story linger in the memories of descendants from primitives, primordials and avatars alike, though it's hard to determine if any one recollection is accurate to the next.
Nexus Inspiration
Inspiration for the Nexus of Nyn on a universal level of scale. It would be central to, or the "equator" of an otherwise spherical universe.
The Webweaver's Universe
Concept art of the Webweaver's Universe.

Note: This is the actual event as it happened, but not as it's recounted. Because memory is often unreliable or incomplete, there are few sources through time that have a complete or accurate accounting of how the universe began. Because of that, the story changes from world, or even from culture to culture.

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