The State of Chaos

This article covers the primary timeline from 2500 to 2530. It covers the time-frame after the fall of the Empire, sometimes referred to by some historians as "The State of Chaos".  

2500-2510 -the Birth of the Republic

2500 -There are isolated terrorist attacks on Whitworth , Edem, St Lawrence , and Vanheim . Karkouri officers are targeted ,as well as Salborian troops and key officials within the "collaborator" governments. The Karkouri Governor General warns that continued attacks may be met with reprisals. He also warned that any state sponsoring the attacks would be subject to "retaliatory attacks".   On Technopolis, ongoing discussions by the potential Republic members reach a conclusion and the Terran Republic is announced The new state comprises, at this time, of just four worlds:   It was also agreed that Technopolis would serve as the capital of this new state and announced it was returning to its old name of New Berlin. see The Terran Republic   2501 - In a historic moment, the Galactic Council declares that if any state intervenes without strong cause into the Unincorporated worlds, then the Galactic Council would intervene. This saw a rare show of unity between the Tazzyn Empire and the Tranoan Empire.   The Terran Republic elects former Admiral and AHI CEO Everann Sickles as their first President.   There is a wave of very well planned and executed assassinations against top leaders within the AI community. The entire board of directors at ADVANCE is wiped out and many senior AI figures are killed. Burning Path take credit for the attacks which leave 620 AI dead and 205 biological dead.   There are reports of terrible food shortages on many Terran worlds, including Lightning Point, Van Allan's World, Stark and New Silesia. Relief efforts are organized, largely by private individuals and charities and the crisis never quite develops into a full blown famine   An agreement is signed between the governors of Fort Kurzon, Lightning Point and New Carthage. This new mutual defence pact commits these worlds to "if one is attacked, all are attacked" mutual defense. This group is referred to as the "The Free Worlds Protection Pact "   2502 - There are more bloody terrorist attacks on various worlds in the Hassal League including a spate of Karkouri officers kidnapped and then executed on live broadcasts. The Karkouri respond with raids against settlements, internment of tens of thousands on various worlds and with restrictions in movement. Many ranches on Whitworth, Eden and New Silesia are burned to the ground. The death toll during 2502 reaches a reported 350,000.   A rumored Black Dragon Yakuza invasion of Van Allan's World is prevented after the Dragon's agree to provide military protection for the planet.   There is a major pirate raid on the planet of Avalon which is turned back after a skillful performance by the planet's militia fleet.   Mars signs up to the Free-Worlds Pact.   2503 - The Gannid Commonwealth is unable to gain support in the Galactic Council for a measure to protect the former St Lawrence compact worlds if the state breaks up. The Compact is very unstable with widespread resistance on every planet including St Lawrence.   The Gannid Commonwealth also officially recognizes the new Republic.   Major tech corporation Lambda R&D is bought out by a hedge-fund based on Mars, causing a brief uptick in the fortunes of the Terran market.   2504 - There is a bloodless uprising on Furnace after the Lord Governor Kentan Sondeheim successfully returns to the planet with his own private army. The planet turns to him and restores him to Lord-Governor and leaves the St Lawrence Compact. Furnace later announces its intention to sign up to the Republic.   The Gannid Ambassador works in the Galactic Council to prevent a Karkouri retaliatory attack against Furnace.   The Hressan Independent Republic agrees to formally recognize the Terran Republic. However the Galactic Council rejects a motion to grant it a seat on the Council.   The St Lawrence compact dispatches a PMC force to retake the planet but the Black Dragon Yakuza provide protection and the PMC's turn back without a fight.   Meanwhile on St Lawrence the Home-Steaders pull of a bloody one day coup which climaxes with the shocking execution of every last person they can find with Collingwood blood, including Ilhan Collingwood who was just four years old. The new Home-Steader government formally dissolves the St Lawrence Compact but the Karkouri Regime makes it clear that this will not be tolerated.   Admiral Hailee Staunton agrees to move the remaining Imperial Navy to Mars, though she is clear this is not an endorsement of any particular polity.   2505 -The Terran Republic fails to successfully negotiate with the Karkouri Regime to prevent a crisis over Furnace. Meanwhile the Galactic Council refuses to intervene in the enfolding tragedy in St Lawrence as reports emerge of massive death-tolls as the Home-Steaders battle with other resistance groups for control of the planet   A massive foreign policy decision sees the Gannid pull out of CANDL, essentially dismantling the treaty group. They then sign a non-aggression pact with the Dhau Empire, alarming their former Terran allies.   A media source successfully smuggles footage of Karkouri Resettlement camps from Eden and New Silesia, showing tens of thousands of Terrans essentially held as hostages. The Galactic Council is horrified but again fails to form an agreement to do something about it, largely due to Tazzyn pressure   2506 -The Ice Pack cities on Vanheim surrender, ending the near 6 year long siege of the planet. The Karkouri move in a garrison and deport more than 45,000 people to resettlement camps.   The Galactic Council officially votes to deploy observers into the Hassal League to check on the safety of those held in resettlement camps. The measure passes with support from the Gannid, the Tranoans, the Vatu and the Hressans (though the Hressans are not voting members of the Council). The Karkouri and Tazzyn vote against the measure but the Tazzyn do not use their veto.   Gaia formally becomes a signatory member of the Free-Worlds Pact. The Imperial Navy officially signs on to provide protection to all Free-Worlds members in return for a contribution to upkeep.   New Carthage and Mars reject overtures from the Republic to join them.   2507 -Major PMC corporation VAIL are deployed to St Lawrence, officially invited by the St Lawrence Compact puppet government to restore order. A massive PMC force, backed by Salborians deployed on "secondment" and more than 100,000 Dhau mercenaries land and defeat the Home-Steaders and the other forces in a six month campaign. VAIL restore order and put a new puppet government in power on the planet.   Meanwhile, near Fort Essex, mass graves from Home-Steader massacres are uncovered.   A Salborian force is landed on Furnace and a long, bloody guerilla war begins on the planet. Meanwhile a Karkouri Navy squadron blockades the planet   2508 - There is a huge pirate raid on the planet of Jasper in the Dragonfish Protectorate, leading tens of thousands dead and hundreds taken as slaves   Dahlia Avender-Slade announces her intention to seek the Presidency of the Terran Republic, becoming the first main-stream candidate.   2509 - With order restored on St Lawrence and elsewhere in the Compact, the Karkouri formally agree that Jace Buckingham, a founding member of VAIL, will take over as the Coordinator of the Compact.   President Everann Sickles, in poor health, confirms that he will not seek a second term as President of the Republic. The Republic prepares itself for a major election in 2510 with a new bi-cameral legislature to be elected and a new President to be elected by the General Assembly. Many pollsters predict a win for a left-wing coalition.   2510 -The Republic holds its first full election and there is a broad split of political parties and ideologies. The "left" do very well in the Senate, taking half of the seats but the general assembly splits between eight political parties. The Destiny Party are able to form a working majority and elect Dahlia Avander-Slade as the second President of the Republic   see 2510 Republic Election   There is a major terrorist attack on Al Ahily as a freighter launches a nuclear strike at the AHI facility on the planet, wiping it out and killing nearly ten thousand people. AHI's CEO and much of the board of directors are killed. Burning Path claims responsibility for the attack.   2511 - Lord Alexius Solarin states that Earth will join the Republic. The Diet of Earth reject this and a long political and legal contest begins. Earth becomes a cooperative member of the Republic.   There are several major attacks by the resistance on Whitworth, with more than ten thousand dead reported by many sources.   The Galactic Council votes to censure the Dhau Empire over their exploitation of the former Taur'lier worlds Trade sanctions are put into place   2512 - The Karkouri begin a series of reprisal actions. More than 60,000 civilians held in resettlement camps are executed in response to the terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds of Karkouri officers. The Karkouri Governor-General also announces harsh retalitory actions if further attacks are made. The Galactic Council votes to sanction the Karkouri Regime   2513 - There is a massive coup on Nova Terra as a popular movement, backed by Burning Path, seize the capital. The Governor's mansion is destroyed and all members of House Maquessa are apparently killed in the resulting blaze. The Republic's military HQ is the last line of resistance. Burning Path's leadership declare that Prince Clay Tancredo will be the new governor of the planet.   The Republic scrambles to respond and pulls together a task force and a military contingent, largely comprised of Earth based forces. There is a deadlock, however, when Nova Terra attempts to join the Free Worlds Pact. The surviving Terran polities drift towards a civil war   2514 - A series of acrimonious summits are chaired by Admiral Hailee Staunton of the Terran Coordinating Committee. President Avander-Slade insists on deploying the military to Nova Terra to restore order and defeat Burning Path. There appears to be signs of a deal being struck but the details are sketchy. It appears that a clash between the Republic and the Free Worlds Pact has been narrowly averted.   Everann Sickles, former President of the Republic, passed away.   The Karkouri launch a reprisal attack against Earth, which they claim is the source of terrorist attacks inside the Hassal League. Whilst House Solarin deny it, the Karkouri Regime share nearly one hundred documents proving that it was agents working for House Solarin. Many independent intelligence sources confirm the veracity of the documents.   A Karkouri Task Force attempts to attack Earth but is driven back by the House Solarin fleet, aided by what appeared to be forces of "Sword of Liberty", though no official comment is made by the Sword of Liberty leadership. The Karkouri loses four frigates and a cruiser, whilst seven Terran frigates are lost. The Karkouri do manage to land an orbital bombardment, hitting the ancient city of Athens and destroying the Hellespont Downport. More than 9,000 are reported dead   2515-The Republic lands its armed forces on Nova Terra to begin the long campaign to reduce Burning Path's hold on the planet. 300,000 troops make good initial head-way but after the week-long battle of the Nepalese farm, Burning Path launches major counter-offensives.   In the first year of fighting, the Republic forces are pinned down by overwhelming numbers and have suffered around 40,000 dead, with another 60,000 wounded. Orbital strikes prevent them from being overrun but they are unable to mass sufficiently to over-run Burning Path.   Shortly before the invasion began, Prince Clay Tancredo was assassinated. Burning Path turn his death into a rallying cry against the Republic's invasion   President Avander-Slade reshuffles her cabinet, adding Isolationist Party stalwart Kenzo Hiromi in as Secretary of Defence. She also elevated Hadden Sickles to be the new Minister of the Interior.   Furnace officially surrenders to the St Lawrence Compact. As per the surrender agreement, it allows the SLC to land a garrison of PMCs on the planet, who come under sniper fire as they arrive. Furnace officially leaves the Republic   Legendary Valtinist lecturer, author and leader Lidia Hassir has passed away. The 84 year old passed away after a long illness and was surrounded by friends and family.   2516- Earth officially joins the Republic after a major political breakthrough in the Diet. Lord Alexius Solarin surrenders his hereditary title and also agrees to a plea bargain to end the trial against House Solarin.   Dr Savan Solarin is confirmed as the governor of Earth until 2520 when an election will be held to appoint a new governor.   Republic forces on Nova Terra continue to fight various small scale battles whilst trying to win hearts and minds. However, an orbital strike destroys a hospital killing 279 civilians. The Republic's Senate forms a War Committee to oversee the conduct of the war and, if necessary, call for indictments for war-crimes.   2517 - Ongoing talks between the FWP and the Republic stall and achieve nothing with much bad blood between Mars Governor Princess Nova Valane and Republic President Dahlia Avander-Slade.   There are scattered Naval engagements between the resistance in the Hassal League and the Karkouri Navy, climaxing in a false alarm that a Karkouri task force is headed for Sol.   The fighting on Nova Terra continues, with the Republic successfully holding onto its lodgement area in the Plains of Heymar. A major battle erupts in the town of St Pierre which sees the Republic inflict around 7,500 casualties on Burning Path. Republic estimates now confirm that Burning Path's strength on the planet has reached around 750,000 militia.   2518 - There are major battles on the occupied planet of Whitworth, culminating in the Battle of Lookinglass. Militia forces led by General's McQaid and General Thomas, supported by Sword of Liberty, successfully overrun a Karkouri garrison, forcing the surrender of the local Terran soldiers.   The Karkouri retaliate by executing 19,000 civilians, causing a massive rift with the collaborator government. Governor Stoker Morrow calls on his administration to cease working with the Karkouri, who respond by arresting the entire cabinet. All cooperation between the collaborator government and the Karkouri cease.   Major tech corporations Gamma Inudstries and LaGrange Dynamics agree a merger, creating a new massive tech corporation and vaulting straight into the top six corporations   The world of New Berlin was shocked to learn that former Lord-Governor Gael Grumman has returned. The veteran of the last Karkouri war, captured after the battle of Vanheim, has been in a Karkouri prison cell for nearly twenty years and the toll it has taken is plain to see.   “Lord” Grumman has stated that as he is alive and would pass all DNA tests, he intends to restore House Grumman to control of the planet and to remove the “Avander-Slades” from control of the planet. He has also weighed in on the side of the so-called Koenigsburg Grumman’s in their court case against the Avander-Slades for control of the Grumman estates.   2519 - The Gannid Commonwealth shocks the quadrant by signing a military alliance with the Dhau Empire and the Karkouri Regime. As part of the agreement, the Karkouri Regime assigns the Dragonfish Protectorate to the Gannid Commonwealth.   Further talks between the FWP and the Republic agree to a "Joint military treaty" which would likely see all member worlds agree to provide funding for the joint fleet, using the old Imperial fleet as the central cadre. This agreement appears to have agreement from the Republic and the FWP but is not quite the breakthrough that was hoped for.   The Dhau Empire launches a massive invasion of Tranoan space, over-running their pickets and border-stations during the first few weeks of the war. The Dhau land on six Tranoan worlds and easily overwhelm the garrisons. The Tranoans mobilize their fleet for war and the Vatu and Mor-Du, as per treaty, both mobilize for war. The Karkouri Regime then declares war on the Tranoans and their allies, plunging the quadrant into its largest war for nearly 200 years.  

2520-2530 - Fire and Blood

  2520 -The Terran Republic entered its election for the General Assembly. Exit polls showed a very good night for the Social Democratic Party but the right-wing Isolationist Party came in hot on their heels. The initial coalition talks stalled as the Centrist Party held firm, rejecting a Social Democratic nominee for President. In the end, a coalition was formed and Centrist lawyer Keavett Creed was named President of the Republic after nearly five months of bitter negotiations.   Former President of the Republic Dahlia Avander-Slade returned to Mars, prompting a bombshell announcement from Destiny Party founder Leander Ashpool, accusing her of treachery and being a spy for the "Martian government."   There was more fierce fighting between the Tranoan Empire and the Dhau. The Tranoans transported Vatu troops into Tranoan space to bulk up their own ground forces and the Dhau made costly gains   The Rorn went into revolt and the Karkouri were forced to deploy additional troops and ships. The Bl'Hud Primacy then declared war on the Karkouri in an attempt to liberate the Rorn   There was further fighting on Nova Terra as Republic Marines attempted to expand their hold on the planet. Small scale battles were fought around Port Wellington and in the Sarnor Valley. By the end of the year, the Republic had made small gains but then lost territory elsewhere to Burning Path   Furnace was admitted as a full member of the Free Worlds Pact.   Former major corporation TND wound up its business operations and sold off some of its assets. Its owners, hedge-fund Damask, commented that the market has moved on and that TND's model is now outdated.   2521 -The Senate Committee on the Conduct of the war began handing out subpoenas. Low level Avander-Slade officials were called to testify and several plea bargains were made. Former Chief of Staff Abbot Hennigan, who had returned to his native world of Mars, refused to testify and was charged and later sentenced for contempt of the Senate.   The Rorn uprising saw more fierce fighting and Terran ships of an unidentified faction raid Karkouri shipping. The Karkouri were forced to deploy more ships and troops into Rorn space.   A bullish Terran economy is boosted by major new investments. There are several major new starts ups including infrastructure and construction corporation Advantage and tech corporation Hathor Industries.   Intense fighting on the Dhau-Tranoan front saw the Tranoans win several smaller battles but concede more territory.   The Republic launched another campaign to expand their bridgehead on the planet. Republic Marines launch "Operation Sunset Shark" in an attempt to locate and destroy Burning Path arms factories. These result in heavy combat, with the Republic Marines and Legion troops destroying several facilities but suffering heavy casualties.   2522 - Many Free-Worlds Pact worlds called for the St Lawrence Compact to surrender and to "liberate" its worlds. The St Lawrence government shocked the Terran sphere by agreeing to do so after some sort of bargain was made with Jace Buckingham and VAIL. The Compact was formally dissolved and the worlds of St Lawrence, Van Diemen's World and Fort Darwin were brought under a new "inter-rim government".   Dr Savan Solarin, Leander Ashpool and Admiral Melina de La Hoya all gave testimony before the Senate committee on the conduct of the war. None were formally accused of any crimes but Dr Solarin came in for intense criticism for his decisions.   The Tranoans win a major victory during the Battle of Lucaria, destroying nearly 100 Dhau warships.   2523 - The inter-rim government on St Lawrence, lead by Selwyn Tancredo, announces that all three worlds will formally join the Free Worlds Pact, prompting political outrage on St Lawrence and Van Diemen's World. Selwyn promises a referendum on this issue in 2525 and full democratic elections in 2530   The Terran Republic sign a research and trade alliance with the Hressan Republic. The Terran Republic also formally announces it will cease all debt repayments to the Gannid Commonwealth   Former President Dahlia Avander-Slade gives testimony before the Senate Committee for the conduct of the war. The committee, dominated by member of the Social Democratic Party, batter the former President with harsh questions and attempts to embarrass her but they are unable to make a charge stick. However, the former President's reputation has been torn to pieces.   There are more major battles between the Dhau and the Tranoans, with heavy losses on both sides. Meanwhile, a major offensive by the Vatu against the Karkouri records a major victory.   On Nova Terra, a new offensive is launched by PMC's hired from Strategic Dynamics. A force of around 200,000 troops arrive on the planet. They launch "Operation Frozen Panther" in an attempt to destroy more facilities controlled by Burning Path. The operations, largely launched by orbital attacks using shuttles and PMCs are successful, with four major facilities destroyed or captured. Burning Path launch scattered counter-attacks against Republic Marine and Legion forces, with the battle of Firebase "Victoria" a particularly brutal one but the Republic reports causing heavy casualties to Burning Path.   2524 - There is a lull in the Dhau/Tranoan war and the Galactic Council calls for a cease fire. The Tazzyn offer to mediate but the Dhau reject the offer, saying they'll only negotiate if they can keep all twelve occupied worlds. The Tranoans reject this.   President Keavett Creed is caught up in a scandal as it is revealed he spent 100 consecutive days away from the President's mansion "on trips". His staff claim that these were all duties undertaken in keeping with his role as President.   On Nova Terra Strategic Dynamics PMCs are now supported by a large number of battle-mechs, launch a series of offensives aimed at expanding the reach of the Republic and tying their lodgements together. These campaigns are particularly brutal but the Republic forces are able to bring overwhelming firepower to bear and the Summer offensive comes to an end with the Republic having expanded its lodgement by 20%. However there are reports of heavy casualties including an increase in civilian casualties.   Secretary of Defence Leander Ashpool announces that the Republic has ended combat operations on Nova Terra at this point.   Independent reports by medical charities report that since 2520, there have been 120,000 military casualties on Nova Terra and another 100,000 civilian casualties.   2525 -The Dhau/Tranoan War flares back into life as the Dhau launch major offensives against the Tranoans. A Dhau assault at the Aragosa system was ambushed by the skillful leadership of Preince Tekarian and he inflicted a major defeat on the Dhau navy, destroying 45 Dhau ships for the loss of 15 of his own   Meanwhile the Karkouri launch a major offensive on the Vatu front. A Karkouri assault on the planet Kri'Taa sees the Karkouri Navy destroy 40 Vatu ships for the loss of 30 of their own, crippling the Vatu Navy.   The Terran Republic sends an ambassador, along with an observer from the FWP, to the Tazzyn Empire to persuade them to enter the war on the side of the Tranoans   The Referendum on the former St. Lawrence Compact worlds of St Lawrence, Van Diemen's World and Fort Darwin see all three worlds formally agree to join the Free Worlds Pact.   President Creed reshuffles his cabinet, replacing almost all officers. Rumors swirl that the President and his administration are due to be investigated for alleged political corruption.   There are fierce battles on Nova Terra between Strategic Dynamics PMCs and Burning Path militia. Independent observers sent by the Republic confirm that in 2525 there were 19,225 PMC casualties and 10,118 civilian casualties.   The Destiny Party formally merges with the Valiant Party, operating under the Valiant Party banner.   2526 - There is a pause in the Dhau/Tranoan war as the Dhau wait to see whether the Tazzyn Empire will intervene. Both sides use the pause in fighting to redeploy and replace lost ships.   The Rorn, Mor-Du and Bl'Hud Allied Fleets defeat a Karkouri offensive at Dar Rollah, destroying 25 Karkouri ships for the loss of 20 of their own. Nearly all Rorn worlds have now been liberated.   The Senate investigation on the use of Strategic Dynamics PMCs on Nova Terra moves on to its climatic stages with most former Defence Dept staff called to testify. Former Treasury Secretary Mailk Grumman and former Defence Secretary Leander Ashpool both give testimony.   There is an escalating series of clashes between members of the Church of the Ascension and local Valtinists. Selwyn Tancredo enters into talks with the Church of the Ascension's leadership.   A subsidiary of AHI released the new gene-mod G51 which is believed to produce faster growing and stronger animals. The product has become a sudden, surprise hit, especially on agrarian worlds   2527 - A mixed force of Terran warships make a successful raid on Whitworth, destroying the Karkouri garrison. This is followed up by an attack by resistance ships, believed to be part of Sword of Liberty, launching attacks across the Hassal League. The Karkouri Navy in the Hassal League is all but wiped out.   The Karkouri Regime Council formally declares war on the FWP and the Terran Republic. The Dhau Empire follows suit.   Whilst the Gannid Chancellor, on behalf of the Commonwealth confirms that the Gannid will declare war on the Terrans, there is an attempted coup by senior military officers, which fails. The Chancellor orders the arrest of the entire general staff and General Azahkian, a hugely respected Gannid military leader, escapes with over 50% of the Gannid fleet. The Gannid Commonwealth falls into civil war.   Historic talks on Nova Terra begin as members of Burning Path and the "democratic leadership" from their side of the planet meet with Elyon Maquessa and his delegation. The talks are successful and an armistice is agreed until 2530, when an election will decide the fate of the planet.   The Republic withdraws 75,000 marines from Nova Terra.   Former Secretary of Defence Leander Ashpool formally announces his retirement from politics.   There are a series of major police and security raids on Lightning Point as more than 40,000 dissidents are rounded up. Many legal pundits comment on the draconian nature of justice on Lightning Point.   2528 - The Tazzyn envoy at the Galactic Council announces that as the Dhau Empire has ignored the pleas for peace, they have no choice but declare war on the Dhau Empire. The Karkouri are treaty bound to declare war on the Tazzyn. The Gannid Commonwealth follows this. The entire quadrant is plunged into the largest war in over 500 years.   The The Antares Federation is founded by the worlds of Mars, New Carthage and Furnace   There are a series of theological debates between the Church of the Ascension and the Valtinist faith. Dr Shayne Drayfuss leads the debate for the Valtinists and he is very successful during the debates, causing a loss of faith and momentum for many in the Church of the Ascension.   The Tazzyn Navy formally mobilizes and begins to deploy into Tranoan space. The Tranoan Empire confirms that they are now in a formal military alliance with the Tazzyn Empire. There are skirmishes between the Tazzyn Navy and the Dhau Navy which are largely inconclusive.   A Gannid task force arrives in the former Dragonfish protectorate, deploying 250,000 troops to the worlds of Al Ahily and Avalon to enforce the peace.   There are isolated skirmishes between the Gannid Government Fleet and the Gannid Rebel Fleet.   The Republic withdraws another 50,000 marines from Nova Terra, leaving only a small support and logistics unit on the planet to operate alongside the Republic Expeditionary Division (RED), Strategic Dynamics, the Solarin Legion and the "Army of Nova Terra".   The former Imperial Chancellor, Eleutheria-01 Ashpool returns to politics and business as it is revealed she is the CEO and combat leader of the Strategic Dynamics fleet.   2529 - There is more fighting in Tranoan space as the Tazzyn Navy launches probing attacks against the Dhau Navy. The Dhau make skillful strategic withdrawals and five million Tazzyn troops are deployed into Tranoan space to retake lost worlds. The ground campaigns are intense and bloody.   The Karkouri Regime, so far left alone by the Tazzyn, begin to redeploy their fleets to deal with the Rorn, Mor-Du and Bl'Hud. They also prepare to fight to keep control of the Hassal League worlds. More than 80% of Vanheim falls to the rebels, with the victorious VLF claiming to control the planet. The Karkouri garrison on Stark surrenders to Sword of Liberty   There is a merger between Ashpool Heavy Industries and Killian Calburn to create a new corporation worth over 110 billion adjusted dollars. The new corporation, Ashpool-Kilian Industrial is confirmed by the Martian bank as the largest corporation in Terran space


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