The Tancredo family were a political family who came to prominence in the early 25th century  

Previous Scions

2415-2420 - Lord Kreak Tancredo   2420- 2460 -Lord Hayden Tancredo -"Lord Protector of the Empire"   2460-2476 - Emperor Colamere Tancredo   2476 2485 -Lord Hallam Tancredo *Regent   2476- 2515- Prince Clay Tancredo   2515-2562 -Senator Selwyn Tancredo   2562-Present -Senator Raina Tancredo  

Business Ventures

House Tancredo were heavily involved in the world of business, founding and then later selling Empirical Media to Proteus KP. They also founded Unity Project Management.


The Tancredo family were the Lord-Governors of the New Corinth colony.   House Tancredo also have holdings on St Lawrence and Avalon
Controlled Territories

Articles under Tancredo


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