Rebekkah Valane

Rebekkah Valane was an Admiral and political figure in the early 24th century. She was a member of the Valane dynasty  

Early Life

Rebekkah Valane (later known as Rebekkah Valane-Sawyer) was born in 2295 in Cydonia City on Mars.  She was the only child of Kya Valane who was serving in the Navy at that point.  Rebekkah only tended to see her mother for a few months out of each year and the two were never very close.   Kya attended an exclusive prep school and was a boarding student.  She was a lonely and somewhat shy child but grew up to be a confident young woman.  From an early age she had spoken about becoming a pilot like her mother and was pushed hard to qualify as a pilot.   She graduated high school and attended Cydonia College, graduating with a BA in military history.  She was a well liked student and wrote for the college newspaper.

Marriage and Children

Whilst a student at Cydonia College, Rebekkah met and began dating doctor and biology student Bartholomew Sawyer.  The two married in 2320.   They had two children:

Navy Career

Rebekkah attended the Confederate Naval academy in 2317, graduating in 2318 at the rank of ensign.   Rebekkah attended flight-school like her mother but had a very different reputation as a pilot, known for her cautious approach and her attention to detail.  She was given the call-sign "Lady V".   Rebekkah was due to join the cruiser "Galveston" but was delayed due to the outbreak of the Karkouri War.  She was saved by this as the entire fleet was destroyed.   Rebekkah made a strong effort to join the Resistance but she was prevented by the Karkouri Navy, who ordered all known navy officers to be arrested.  She was held as a captive of the Karkouri for three months before being discharged.   Rebekkah smuggled her way through Karkouri lines to link up with the resistance in 2320 and served with an irregular unit, as helm officer and later commander of the independent freighter "Obregon-Dozzell".  She fought in two separate engagements and was present at the final defeat of the Karkouri in 2321.   Rebekkah's commision was taken on by the league and she was granted the rank of Lt-Cmdr and named as XO aboard the frigate Swordfish.  She was then promoted to CO of the ship and to the rank of Commander in the year 2325 due to the rapid expansion of the League Navy.   She was transferred to the League's General Staff in 2330 and was a key part of the organisation of the The Federated States Navy in 2333.  She was promoted to the rank of Captain at end of 2335.   She was promoted to Vice Admiral in 2339, while still a very young officer and some officers moaned that this was largely due to the huge influence of her mother.   Rebekkah developed a friendly rivlary with fellow Admiral Everett Stargher and the two became close friends and confidants.   Rebekkah commanded Task Force Silver and then later Task Force Lancelot.  She was promoted to Rear Admiral in 2350 and retired from active duty in 2355.


Rebekkah had kept a low political profile, though she had taken part in some campaign events with her mother when her military career permitted.   Rebekkah served in Rishi] administration as Director of the FSI and was, like her mother, a champion of the intelligence community.   In 2360 Rebekkah formally announced her support for Earth Guard and was a key figure in the decision for the Wellfield Alliance political party to merge into Earth Guard. In 2360 Rebekkah was also elected Prime Minister of the Federated States under President Stargher. Rebekkah’s political career was built on her absolute dedication to the Military and during her career saw huge investments to the Fleet. The investment saw an increase in technology levels and brought the numbers up to the same levels as the Karkouri’s Fleet.

Founder of Proteus

Proteus KP  Rebekkah helped found Proteus in 2361. Proteus was originally created as a biomedical corporation that would provide healthcare to poorer citizens on the Frontier.

Later Life

In 2367 Rebekkah was invited into the new unity government to serve as Director of FSI for the second time. Rebekkah was a casualty of the JS1E1 crisis and died in 2369 aged 74. She was survived by her two children, Matildah and Forrest.

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