Professor William Kay

Professor William Kay (PHD) was a major philosphical figure from the late 23rd and early 24th century. He is considered the founding figure of the valtinist faith  

Early Life

Born in 2274 in Walcott City on the colony-world of Whitworth, William Atherton Kay was the second son of Dr Elizabeth Kay and Dr David Kay. Raised by two intellectuals, William and his older brother, Adam, both attended good schools on Whitworth and were pushed to achieve academically.   Whilst Adam went into medicine like his parents, William preferred philosophy, religion and ethics and studied a double major of Religion and Philosophy at Armitage College on Whitworth, graduating in 2296. He then moved to Earth where he studied at Pylos College in Athens, graduating with an MA in Ancient Philosophy and writing his first book about the ancient Greek Hellenic civilizations.   William married his college sweetheart, Amanda Martinez and the two had just one child, Lita Martinez-Kay (born in 2308).  

Lecturer and Writer

William moved his young family to New Corinth in 2303, where he studied his PHD in Religion at the hugely prestigious university of Rhodes and wrote his second book, "A Glance Starward". This deep, rambling and philosophical tome explored mankind's attraction to religion and mysticism and also compared it with the alien religions, pointing out several overlaps.   William completed his PHD in 2307 and became a professor of philosophy and religion at University of Rhodes. His courses were noted for their eccentric approach, his charismatic speaking and his dedication to his students.   He was tenured as of 2309 and became a key advocate for the college and its faculty.  

The Origins of Valtinism

The first discussions that may have led to the creation of Valtinism began in 2304-2305 as Professor Kay began to talk about his second book, A Glance Starward. Dr Kay began to speak about his view that there was perhaps a God but that he or it was part of the universe or even the universe itself.   During lectures and debates, Professor Kay would invite his students to debate him on the idea of meaning and purpose. He often drafted in the Tranoan argument of "Deep Prophecy" and that this came from the Universe itself, attempting to force design and plan onto the living things within it.   These debates and discussions began to turn into something formal in 2310 and 2311 and Professor Kay began to preach out of his classes to groups of students and intellectuals about his "ordered and benign" universe theory. It was generally met with disdain and scorn but began to gain serious appeal during the dark days of the 2310's and 2320s.   By 2325 there were millions of these "Valtinists" across the former Confederate Union and the new Hansa / League states and Valtinism had emerged as the most powerful new religion for hundreds of years. Professor Kay did not consider Valtinism a religion and he eschewed structures, dogma or a formal "priesthood" and encouraged debate.   As the faith became more and more widespread and powerful, including its recognition by the Federated States in 2325, he moved further away from it and by 2335 Professor Kay was rarely seen anywhere near Valtnism, though he refused to condemn it or speak out against it.   He returned to the fold somewhat in 2340 and spoke at several major conferences, speaking about his incredible experiences whilst touring Tranoan space.  

Later Life

By 2341, Professor Kay was largely associated with his "Alien Brotherhood" view, that humans and aliens were linked as part of the universes plan and should break up their petty kingdoms and Empires and unite.   Professor Kay wrote two more books, the best-selling "Deep Vision" which became one of the best selling books in human history and is still studied as of 2520 by Valtinists and the less popular "Origin of All Species" which largely dealt with the similarities between races and the possibility that the Taur'lier influenced the evolution of the younger races to fulfil the universes plans.   Professor Kay died in 2355 after a long illness. His funeral was held in secret by his family but the Valtinist held several public functions that attracted hundreds of thousands.


Professor Kay is still considered the founding father of the Valtinist faith, whether that was his intention or not. Dr Kay's name is spoken of with reverence but most main-stream Valtinists do stress that he was "a special man, but just a man" and not a prophet.   Professor Kay has had dozens of buildings named after him, including the Dr William Kay lecture hall at Rhodes University and the Dr Kay Debate School at Redfall College on Mars.   Professor Kay's legacy with secularists is not so good, with many regarding him as a figure who, unwittingly, opened the door to the most powerful organized religion to emerge for 400 years which ushered in the rise of Burning Path.  

Published Works

  • The Origins and People of Hellenic Greece -2296 - Athens College Press
  • A Glance Starward -2305 - Rhodes University Press
  • Deep Vision - 2335 - Randall Press
  • Origin of All Species - 2340 - Courage Press

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