Knights of the Southern Cross

The Knights of the Southern Cross were a secretive political movement.  


Some of the content of this article is speculative and should not be taken as canonically true


The Knights of the Southern Cross was a secretive and exclusive political group formed after the collapse of the Confederate Union. The group were dedicated to promoting a strong national defence and to finding future leaders for a Terran polity.   The first public meeting of the Knights of the Southern Cross took place in New York at the Hyde-Astoria hotel in June of 2329. However the group met many times before this and few of their meetings are a matter of public record.   The groups name comes from a reference to the ancient Knights of Malta.  


The membership of the group is small and highly exclusive and new members are chosen based on their leadership skills, their dedication to the Terran polity and their patriotism but little is known about how they are selected.   Members are generally expected to be fairly wealthy as charitable work is part of the groups modus operandi.  


The goals of the organisation are not generally known and have never been officially confirmed. They were heavily involved in the restoration of the Earth after the JS1E1 attack. They worked closely with August Solarin I and were seen by many as his primary political benefactors, though they kept a very low profile.   The Knights are also dedicated to a robust military and have been involved in lobbying for the military and support veterans groups.   The Knights are also rumored to hold seats on the board of directors with several major corporations.  


The Knights are not generally known about by the general public but some journalists and politicians feel they have a disproportionate level of influence over Terran politics. They've also been accused of being a "Cabal" working to control the Terran state from behind the scenes.
Founding Date
2329 (Estimated)
Secret, Brotherhood

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