Furnace is a small Terran colonized world  


Intensely hot and almost totally bare of water or vegetation, Furnace was placed in the lowest class of potentially habitable worlds by the Federal Scouts Service during the 2060s.   Average temperatures on Furnace are around 30 degrees Celsius during the day but peak at fifty or even sixty degrees Celsius.   Nighttime temperatures plunge to an average of 1 or 2 degrees celsius with lows of twenty to thirty below freezing.   There are very few native life-forms on Furnace, most being very small desert dwelling insects and plants.


Furnace was first colonized in 2082 by a small group of scientists, miners and bold settlers who felt that the desert world could one day be tamed   Furnace was not targeted for tera-forming as it was felt that it was too close to the Karkouri border and not a wealthy enough prospect.   As successive administrations failed to pay much attention to Furnace, the world quickly became home to a breed of libertarian minded people who just wanted to be left alone and was largely considered a fairly harsh and lawless place  


As of 2520, 2,600,000 people live on Furnace, its highest ever recorded population. The demographics are 2,100,000 humans and 260,000 Indirians, with another 1,000 other aliens.  


Furnace is currently ruled as a hereditary governorship, the fiefdom of House Sondeheim . The Governor exerts a high level of influence over planetary politics but must work with the planets legislature.   The legislature, elected to ten year terms, has a reputation for non-intervention and libertarian or "common sense" politics. The two most popular political parties are the Centrist Coalition and the Libertarians.   Furnace's government tends to operate with a small than usual cabinet and often forgoes the offices of Attorney General and Lt-Governor as it is felt that other roles can cover these functions on such a small world.  

Politics and the Wider "Terran State"

Whilst Furnace is generally not considered to be an "important" world by Terran polities, its position on the Terran map as a potential buffer world often means that it is at the forefront of clashes and conflicts. This included the world being attacked and occupied by the Karkouri Regime on more than one occasion.   After the fall of the Empire, Furnace joined the The Terran Republic which caused a clash between the newly formed Republic and the Karkouri Regime and their allies, The St Lawrence Compact.   The Karkouri Regime put the world under a blockade and then landed a force of Salborian shock troops who kept the planet under a constant state of siege without ever really attempting to conquer it.   With rising pressure from the planetary legislature, Governor Kentan Sondehiem agreed to surrender the planet to the Compact and, as part of the agreement, a garrison force of PMC's from the Compact were deployed to Furnace.   In the year 2520, Furnace was formally accepted as a member of the Free Worlds Pact. The Colonial Legislature voted 99-10 to accept this and it was signed into law by Lord Kentan Sondeheim.  

Governor of Furnace

The Governor of Furnace was initially appointed by the Terran Federation and was often a serving military officer. The first elected Governor of Furnace was elected during the days of the Confederate Union and the seat was seldom a launch-pad to major political office, with most successful governors tending to stay out of the way of its people.   As of the year 2387 and the Imperial Coup, Furnace was made the hereditary seat of House Sondeheim.   Governors of Furnace
  1. Lady Catherine Sondeheim -2387-2399
  2. Lord Elbar Sondeheim -2399-2404
  3. Lord Kentan Sondeheim I - 2404-2417
  4. Lord Maldon Sondeheim -2417-2440
  5. Lord Prager Sondeheim -2440-2480
  6. Lord Kentan Sondeheim II - 2480-2534
  7. Lord Elbar Sondeheim II - 2534-Present

The Brotherhood of the Sun

Founded in the early 25th century, the Brotherhood of the Sun was a radical, fringe separatist movement who gained support from off-world. This was never officially traced back to any sources, leading to speculation that Kotek Grumman instigated the insurrection. In the 2440's they were able to arm around 5,000 men and fought a surprisingly effective resistance war to the planets government.   After the initial deployment of marines and militia failed to bring the Brotherhood to heel, a huge force of 300,000 marines were deployed to the planet and within a few months they had overrun the Brotherhood and killed or captured all of its members.   The survivors were largely held in Imperial black-sites and many of them were executed under orders of the IIS.  

Crime and Piracy

Furnace has a long history of crime and piracy and was often used as a base for pirates due to the planet's small population and the intense desert environment making it hard to find isolated bases.   Criminal gangs also preyed on the weak on the planet and the weakness of the central state led to Furnace being a planet where pretty much everyone needed to learn to use a gun or end up in someone elses power.   The planet never saw much interest from the Black Dragon Yakuza, though Kentaro "Tiger" Miyatomo did establish a small outpost there in the 2410s.   With the increase in size of the planet with the Luxor development, House Sondeheim hugely improved the planets police and security forces.

Major Places


New Cairo

The first settlement was developed at New Cairo and for most of the planets history, it was the only major city on the planet. Barely a town on many other worlds, New Cairo was home to about 90,000 people and housed the courts and government quarter, as well as mining and supply offices and the planet's downport.   New Cairo expanded with the establishment of Luxor City but it was very much eclipsed by the hyper modern new city and the planetary government officially moved the Capital to the city.  

Luxor City

Established by Lord Kentan Sondeheim, Luxor City was a purpose built city intended for the hundreds of thousands of new colonists brought to the planet by the new employment, largely driven by the planets new major shipyard and navy base.   Luxor City is a far more modern city than New Cairo and quickly became the planets capital, housing, schools and hospitals were established there and the city is home to around 600,000 people.  

The Vandebilt Desert

A planet that is almost all desert, the Vandebilt stands out as the largest continous desert, ranging in tens of thousands of miles in all directions and only broken up by the Electrum Mountain range and the Washari Mountain range.   The Vandebilt desert is home to some scattered colonists living in tiny, rugged settlements and to prospectors and miners.  

The Washarri Desert

The Washarri desert is shielded from the worst of the temperature spikes on the planet by the vast Washarri mountain range and also by its tiny network of oasis, which are one of the few stable surface water sources on the entire planet.   The Washari is home to more scattered settlers but also was home to a marine base, where Imperial Recon Marines would be deployed during "Hell Month". The base fell into disuse after the fall of the Empire but was taken over by Furnace's own local military  

The Black-Lake Desert

The least hospitable desert on Furnace is the so-called Black-Lake desert, thought to be a former huge lake long since dried up. This fast area of salt and alkalai flats is incredibly hostile to living things and very few people ever venture out here and even fewer live there.
by Viktor Hanh
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