Colamere Tancredo


Colamere Tancredo was a major political figure in the mid 25th century. He was Emperor alongside his wife, Empress Aurora Valane and the first member of House Tancredo to be granted the title of Emperor


Early Life

Colamere Tancredo was born in 2425 on New Corinth. The oldest of the Tancredo children, he attended an exclusive prep school and wanted to follow in the family tradition of service in the Marine corps before a political career.   Colamere attended Cyodnia College, graduating with a BA in political science. He then attended the Marine Corps Officer Training Course on Earth, graduating in the top 25% of his class and gaining a commission to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.   Colamere met Princess Aurora Valane in 2450. The two remained in correspondence and she would visit him as often as possible. The two married in a low key ceremony in 2459  

Military Career

Colamere was initially deployed as a platoon leader but transferred to the personal staff of brigadier General Austin "Ares" Valane. He was deployed to Furnace, serving as General Valane's aid de camp, carrying orders, driving the general's staff vehicle and running errands for the general. He was called into combat on one occasion whilst delivering orders to E Company of the 104th Marine Regiment under heavy fire, the company commander was unable to move the company under intense sniper fire. Lieutenant Tancredo, at great risk to himself, lead a platoon to flank the enemy position. He was mentioned in orders and received an award for gallantry   Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, he followed General Valane back to Mars where he acted as the general's ADC and attended staff conferences on Mars and Earth. He was promoted to Captain in 2453   In 2455 General Valane took command of the marine deployment on Avalon which was in its closing stages and Captain Tancredo went with him, again as his ADC. There was little combat there and Captain Tancredo largely performed a key staff role though he did carry out an intelligence gathering role for the General as well as meeting with local political leaders too. When combat operations ceased in 2458 the two were transferred back to Earth and Colamere was promoted to Major   With the Conclave of 2459, his wife Princess Aurora was elevated to the title of Empress and Colamere, went with her,receiving the title of Emperor, the first man to hold the title without the surname Solarin.  


Colamere Tancredo was crowned as Emperor in 2460   With his sons' elevation to Emperor, Lord-Chancellor Hayden Tancredo took a back-seat, largely carrying out his function as Lord-Governor of New Corinth   He named long-time family friend and fellow marine officer; Denton Cavendish, as his equerry.   Colamere's main interests during his time as Emperor were of Ethics within the Empire, creating the Ministry of Ethics which was often lead by Lord Fortis McDere, a long time personal friend and the First Ranger of the Valtinist cause.   Colamere also lead a crusade against TND technology, later ordering a moratorium against the company which saw the companies stock value plummet.  


With the "roach" invasion of 2475, Empress Aurora and Emperor Colamere were to be evacuated off-world to New Corinth so they would be safe if the capital fell.   Their shuttles were then destroyed in what was claimed to be a friendly fire incident due to faulty transponders. Chancellor and Regent, in the event of their deaths, Eleutheria Ashpool stated that renegade Lord Kotek Grumman was responsible for their deaths.   He was 51 at the time of his death and with his equerry, Denton Cavendish and Paladin Lyra van Zant.


Aurora Valane


Towards Colamere Tancredo

Colamere Tancredo


Towards Aurora Valane

2425 2475 50 years old
Circumstances of Death
Aurora Valane (spouse)
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