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Le Sair the White Stag (Leh SARE)

My Master

Written by J. L. Gryphon

Ambient sounds courtesy of tosha73 and EminYILDIRIM

Greetings to those below. I am Death, though Azrael is the name my master gave me. And that is exactly who we are discussing today. But to discuss my master, you must understand the nature of what he is. You must also understand what the denizens of Orosta are not. Because like myself, Le Sair is not from Orosta. Rather, he created it, because he is the only being capable of creating life.
That statement, though, has been called into question these last 15,000 years. Others, as a result, have begun their own attempts. This is why you must understand the nature of what my master is, because even the Orostians now seem to have become confused by this all-important distinction, and that confusion has caused more harm than anything else, not only for Orosta, but for the entire universe.

A Divine Distinction


by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

  So then, what is my master. The short answer is he is a deity—what you, those below, would refer to as a god. The longer answer is to say he is divine, but that word has become confused. Its meaning has become tarnished. This is because, others of recent times have also claimed to be divine, however falsely, and in doing so, they have quite effectively broken the world. They have, in some ways, broken my master, too. But no matter how many people try to claim otherwise, the truth of the matter is and will always be, that there is only one divine being.   This also means that there is only one who can truly create.   This is the most important fact of the universe, and yet, recent times have attempted seeing this fact torn apart and discarded. Oh, the reasons for this vary, but the primary reason is jealousy. “It’s not fair,” some have said. “Why should Le Sair be the only one able to create?” others have said. “Why can we not create, as well?” still more have said.   The answer to all these questions is simple. None of these people are divine. They are instead created, and it is a fundamental truth—a truth not even Le Sair can change—that a created being cannot create. Or, to put a finer point on it, they cannot create from Nothing as Le Sair did. They will always require previously-created materials. This means that, at best, a created being only has the capacity to copy, reshape, or cause something new to exist born out of something old. They cannot create.   To truly create and escape the cosmic realities that define them as created beings, they would have to become divine themselves. But this is impossible. Le Sair could, I suppose, try to make them divine, but to do so, he would have to destroy who and what they are in order to re-create them anew. Except, the moment he would do that would be the moment he’d come out with yet another created being by default. I don’t know how else to say this except that whatever Le Sair creates is, well, created.   This means, then, that you cannot be divine if, in order to exist in the first place, you require Le Sair to create you. To truly be like Le Sair, you need to have never been created. You need to have always been. So, even if there were other divine beings out there, you could not and will never be one of them. Your very nature makes it impossible. I am sorry about this, but that quite literally is the way it is.   Try telling that to the Fallen Star, though. Hmph.   But on that note, I asked my master once if he had ever truly met another being like himself. Another god. But he said no, and I couldn’t tell if he was sad about that fact or not. I do believe his answer, though, because it would be impossible for him to have missed someone like himself. He created all the universe, and so of course he would know every inch of it. I think if he were to ever meet someone like himself, it would have to be a being that came from beyond the universe. But beyond the universe is Nothing. Not even Limbo exists out there. That is why Le Sair made the universe in the first place. He literally created the concept of something. Because he was lonely. Because he no longer wished to drift in Nothing. And he can’t even say how long he drifted before deciding this, because not even time existed until he created that, too.   I admit, I find all this quite impossible to fully comprehend. I, unlike my master, do have a beginning. I am a created being same as you, those below, though my creation was something of an accident as I have mentioned before. I remember it well. Confusion was the first emotion I felt. Then again, I suppose that’s better than my brother’s beginning. Because the first sound I ever heard was my brother . . . screaming. When he began, his first feeling was pain. I wonder if there has ever been a day he has not been in pain. But that was his choice to stay that way. Choice is law. Whereas I, in contrast, am no longer confused. I chose to go home. But that’s another story.  

The Children of Le Sair


by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

  So, too, is it another story to speak of the Children of Le Sair, a thing that is not a group of people but rather the name of the religion that came to be after Orosta . . . ripped. But I will discuss it in brief, at least. The best description of it I can make is to say it is a foothold situation, which is why its recent decline is not as surprising as one might think. Decline it has, though, considering that originally, everyone was a Child of Le Sair. This was, in no small part, thanks to the dragons.  
“We remember the dawn of the world because we were there.”
—All of draconum
  So they claim. And it is because of this that, since the aforementioned dawn, hardly anyone has asked such questions as “How did life begin?”; “Where do we come from?”; and, “Is there a god?” The mystery does become somewhat spoiled when someone who was there and saw it with their own eyes can simply tell you what really happened. And for thousands of years, that is exactly what the dragons did. It is why they are so revered now, aside from their power. In fact, there are still very few on Orosta who wonder about these questions. The first dragons to ever exist have only recently died, after all. But, I will address the elephant in the room now.   Remember dragons lie.   Hmm. That is a pesky little detail, isn’t it? Except, up until recently, it is an idea that had never before occurred to the rest of the Orostian peoples. The Altymans have been quite culled by dragon opinion, and the Rhyonians have been so kept in the dark, they don’t even know there is such a place as Altyma. The island of Rhye is all there is, so say the dragons, and because the dragons say it, people believe it. Or at least they did.   Xanāra Anastil, the last pharota of our most recent times, put quite a jarring stop to all that. You see, she was the one to discover that pesky phrase first, but what she didn’t know was how much damage three little words can cause. She didn’t know those three little words had the power to end worlds. I think if she had known that, she wouldn’t have done what she did. Maybe . . .   But so it was that just in the last 150 years, new “gods” have popped up. The most prevalent one is Vānima the Veldriss, Xanāra’s own daughter who now rules the kingdom of Rhyastil. With her came the new Religion of Velherr. Le Sair, in turn, was diminished from being the god of Orosta to being an obscure deity worshipped only by the Sithuwaye elves. This happened thanks to a growing belief that the Sithuwaye are Le Sair’s original children, and Vānima the Veldriss is the adoptive mother for everyone else.   I do admit, I have a morbid admiration for how Vānima can spin a tale. But on the idea that the Sithuwaye are Le Sair’s original children, well, that is not . . . entirely true. Then again, it is not entirely untrue, either. It . . . it’s complicated. And there are other things that happened that—oh, skeeters of hell. Either way, I suppose it doesn’t matter because around the time Le Sair was reduced to being only the Sithuwaye’s deity, Vānima began destroying all the Sithuwaye. How . . . convenient.  



by J. L. Gryphon via Artbreeder
  What does this mean, then, for our present times? Remember I said the best way I could describe the Children of Le Sair is a foothold situation. And the foot has begun to slip. Hmph. My brother must be loving that, because if the foot were to slip completely, then choice would no longer be law, and then . . . well, let’s just say I would become a lot more busy than I currently am.   This brings us, as a final thought, to the abominations. They were “made to exist” is the best way I can describe it, because they certainly were not created. As I am Death, Le Sair is Life. This is why life literally cannot be without him. This is also why it doesn’t make any sense to try to create life without him. But that didn’t matter to . . . ahem. Anyway, you will see various things on Orosta that can walk, talk, eat, breed, think, and . . . exist. But this is deception. You must never forget, no matter how convincing it may seem, that abominations are not alive. And they do not have souls. When they cease to function, I do not come to collect them. There is no need because there is nothing to collect in the first place.   This is why when you encounter an abomination your hair stands on end, your body turns cold, and when you look into their eyes, you know on some deep, primal level that this thing before you is wrong.   But, I will also say that, however disturbing they may be, causing the abominations to exist was quite cruel. To give something consciousness, but to then deprive it of real life—an ability to feel, love, change, connect—is nothing less than torture. And then to abandon them on top of everything else. How cruel indeed. I suppose in that sense you may have pity for the monster. I do. But I also understand why they were abandoned. It is a natural response to flee from the thing that is unnatural. Which is why I will warn you to never forget what they are. Because, at the end of the day, they can’t feel, love, change, or connect, and because they can’t, they are bound to do anything they please. Anything at all.   Then again, there have been the occasional exceptions. At least two abominations have started . . . asking questions. X the rill is definitely a curiosity I have been watching of late. It is because of these two, I think, that my master agrees with me that it is cruel and why, though he did not create the abominations, he has begun exploring ways they might be spared the void. Hmph. Who is the adoptive god now, Vānima? Ah, but I suppose that comment was petty. Vānima is only a small part of this, after all. A very small part, in fact.   So, with that in mind, I will tell you to rest easy, those below. There is a battle being waged up here, but all the pieces have yet to be placed on the board. A few dead memories need resurrecting, a dark-haired boy needs some prodding, and the last of seven bells must ring. I hope, amidst all this, that my brother finds his way home like I did. But we’ll see.

Signed your created narrator,   Azrael the Star of Death


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