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Garden of Babes

An Anisian cult run by Duke Weston Eidurr, centering its worship on Ashlith and Liseth, with Liseth being considered the more important 'goddess' by most followers. Rather than calling them Daetos as almost everyone else does, they call them Gods.   The cult follows the idea that children and procreation are the center of their gods ambitions, and thus the most important duties of every person who has come of the age to have families. His cult center is his own Manse, where he keeps around a hundred women as his personal mistresses alongside his own wife. The Manse grounds houses almost two hundred people and their children, and has facilities to maintain the population in comfort to encourage the goal of procreation. Children on the Manse grounds are considered sacred, their parentage of absolutely no consequence. His mistresses are encouraged to sell their bodies and try to have the children of their clients just as much as they are expected to have and raise his own bastards. They are also tasked with learning and teaching skills to these children that will make them into productive members of the cult in adulthood. The vast majority of the growing children are married off, sent to work posts around the country, or given permanent servitude within the manse. Others are sold into slavery, though this is kept a secret from the members of the cult. Once a child reaches their 'age' they are no longer a child, and thus no longer sacred. Many stay in a special neighborhood as adults on the Manse grounds until they can find a way to sustain themselves, but are exiled if they grow too old in this neighborhood to make room for new 'of age' members.   Mistresses have a special chamber kept separated from their main house on the top floor with a lounge for them to entertain their guests and a large bed for use in often ritualistic copulation. They are to be respected as mistresses of the Lord, but are still considered prostitutes by outsiders of the cult. The main house is designed to prioritize the care of a mistress's children so that each stage of childhood is properly taken care of. There is also a system to ensure that one mistress or another will care for one's children if they are busy doing other work.   The cult itself holds sexual relationships as sacred, and encourages promiscuity in all of its members. Surprisingly, same-sex couplings are considered just as important as heterosexual ones because they are thought by the cult to 'inspire' the mind for 'productive' couplings in the future. Because Ashlith and Liseth are gods of beauty, lust, and fertility, there are festivals that use sexual relationships, acts, and sometimes even orgies to celebrate the gifts of the gods. Children conceived from these festivals are considered particularly blessed, and named for the blessing at birth with a variety of lucky names.   Unfortunately, the cult only recognizes two genders and shuns people who wish to shed their birth-assigned gender. This is contradictory to most worshipers of Ashlith and Liseth, who believe that they would encourage embracing their inner femininity and masculinity as a reflection of the constant re-balancing and strife between the Daetos to claim each person to either side. The Garden sect, however, believes that their gods work together and choose each person's gender prior to birth; A belief that contradicts most texts of the Daetos religion as well as direct communion with the Daetos in question.

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