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Edrian Tait, "The Red Raideress"

The Badlands are known for their highwayman, but the most well known and feared raider is Edrian Tait. She was exiled from her warren beneath the Badlands in her early teens. Theft and betrayal within the warrens are a serious offense, as survival is difficult enough as it is. Moreover, the sense of community among the Underdwellers is strong, and one risks acting against their community at their own peril.   Forced to the surface and with no shelter for miles, Edrian’s skin was burned horribly her first day in the sun. She managed to avoid encounters with several sunbeasts until she was able to reach the hills. The sunburns never fully healed, and combined with her reputation as a ruthless killer in her later career eventually gave her the nickname, “the Red Raideress.” Her hair is as black as coal, and she is tall of stature. Two decades of living rough has toned her form to the point where she can hold her own in a fistfight against more than one opponent.   Her fame comes from the fact that she works alone, and has managed to elude permanent capture. In her early days, Edrian would use guile, violence, and stealth to procure the necessities for her survival, and developed skills as an expert marksman. She seemed to take particular pleasure in robbing Underdweller caravans, but will target warrens and Bright towns alike.   The closest she ever came to being caught was the night she was discovered in a Bivré camp, and she escaped only by murdering the entire party. She then became wanted by the warrens, and has been ever since. Other criminals have attempted to either recruit her on several occasions or work alongside her. She has refused all offers, and developed a reputation for killing anyone who gets in her way. Attempts by rivals to eliminate her ended in a trail of bodies in her wake.


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