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Ritual: Grand Link

"Grand Link, that's what I heard it be called. I don't know the true name of the ritual, but I know those mutts use it for communication. The men who have witnessed it claim to hear the winds whisper in warning to leave our own territory. For those who have ignored it, the wolves were not far behind. Savage is what it is. Foul magic. Corrupted spirit keepers. It needs to end"

Commander Ozrak Zuk, Orc militant


Not much is known about the Grand Link as it's called in common tongue. It's been a part of the Asnien Tribe for the longest time. It became their method of communication due to the distance between each other, and the need for quite communication in times of dire need. In the beginning, the usage was rare, as the respect for spirits were great. This changed when the war between the orcs and the tribes grew. The arrival of House Cannith has not helped either.


To consider using a Grand Link ritual, the pack's seer must give its blessing. There must be a need that cannot be solved by mundane options; these needs can include: distance, time, or ability. A curse is believed to be placed on the pack if no blessing has been given, as this would enrage the used spirits. It's common for the seer to conduct the ritual, however anyone with the ability to use primal essence has this ability.

Components and tools

The tools used for the ritual depends on which spirit will be summoned forward. Often the items used represent the animal, or can be considered tribute in terms of food and other supplies. Each tribe has their own twist to the ritual, such as the Srelzio Tribe placing red ribbons on various trees around the summoning region.


Only the participants that need to be there are allowed. This often includes the messenger, the summoner, and sometimes the pack chief. It is viewed disrespectful to have a large audience. Non-wolven creatures are forbidden; having one present is also considered disrepectful to the seem degree of lacking permission from the seer.


The rituals can take place anywhere. The most common location is a secluded area with open area. In some tribes, the favorite terrain will be picked for the summoned spirit, however this is not always possible depending on the conditions.

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