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Grey Render

"Another. They will not stop spawning. We can't prevent it. Our Tribe is becoming weaker by the day, and we can't find a way through the thick leathery skin. It reminds me of the humans that crossed into our lands with their enchanted plated armor; causing our arrows to bounce harmlessly off them. When we first encountered these Grey Renders, we learned they might attach themselves to a master; because of this, we sacrificed our seer. Another mistake.. one that will cost us greatly. It's those spores on the back that is making this worse. Our only chance for survival is to band with other packs. Maybe only then we can preserve, otherwise the cold winter, the orcs, and worst of all, these grey renders will be our doom.

Irges, deceased wolven chief.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

An undesired creature with the body mass of a large bear, yet still able to stand upright on hulking legs. As the name suggests, the Grey Render has thick grey leathery skin that protects it from mundane weapons. To those familiar with Grey Renders would know the skin's weaknesses around the multitude of predatory eyes that extend around the gaping mouth. Although, having the ability to exploit this is a different story when faced with the claw-like hands that threaten to puncture even plate armor. Growing on the back of their bodies are large dark grey, with a little hint of yellow, spores that are known to break away after a period of time.

Genetics and Reproduction

Grey Renders reproduce by growing large spores that break away after a period of time. These spores take a total of three days before growing into an infant Grey Render. The parent has no obligation to raise the child, and quite transparently ignores the original location of the spore dropping. Nobody truly knows how long it takes for the child to become fully grown, but quickly after being born it is able to hunt small animals alone.

Ecology and Habitats

Grey Renders can be found in cold regions, mountainous areas, and very rarely in tropical forests. It establish a presence of hunting, and very rarely isolates into a single location. For those who have studied this species, they have noted very few nests used as the creature migrates depending on the concentrated hunting location. However, in terms of defenseless towns, the usage of established homes rises as the prey is more plentiful.

Additional Information


Very rare bonding from Grey Render to master, mechanics unknown.

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Grey Renders have a keen sense of smell, hearing, and darkvision. These qualities contribute to their ability for predatory hunting. It has been rumored to have dimensional sight as a result of the six eyes.

Scientific Name
Large Monstrosity
3 years
Average Height
Average Weight
750-900 pounds
Average Physique
Dense, thick muscles, sturdy body frame.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Range between dark grey to a darkish brown color. Very rarely light green.


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