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With gnome airships dodging goblin skypirates, and the lakes and rivers bustling with trade, Orisala is a world in motion. Every tangled knot of civilization is looking to grab as many resources for themselves as they can. Magic threads throughout civilization, and while the average citizen may not know how to harness it, they certainly have the option to pay coin to someone who can.   Those with a thirst for adventure are able to find someone with a job needing to be done. The ruins of the Coronam Empire can hold both treasures and hazards, calling to those with curiosity about the past. Bandits roam through sections of the kingdom, preying on unwary travelers as well as the supply wagons of Sinclaire, Destra and Co. Those who can wield a blade to protect themselves and others will never lack for work. The adventurer seeking thrills can tackle the peaks of the Shardspire Mountains. A noble with an itch will almost always agree to sponsor an expedition into the higher elevations, in hopes of striking the next big deposit of raw materials or rediscovering a lost artifact. Most parties do not have any luck and return having lost companions to the harsh elements and brutal inhabitants. Those that do survive though tend to gain wealth beyond their imagination.