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The kingdom of Orinas is the largest human kingdom on the continent, and the most powerful nation-state in the known world. Its ruler, King Ormund the XIV, is a young king. It is unknown what sort of king he will be, but the exploits of his two immediate predecessors have left parts of the kingdom is disarray.   Orinas is divided into a handful of Duchy's, ruled by an equal number of noble families, under which many other houses of minor nobles serve. Of the two most northern duchies--the so-called "crown duchies"--Dartignon is in perhaps the worst state of affairs. The unsanctioned war between Dartignon, and its twin duchy, Leone, combined with Ormund XIII's foolish endeavor of trying to tame the north, left this duchy broken, impoverished, and fractured. It was not long before a political revolution took place. The revolution failed, and Dartignon devolved into a despotic socialist state.   As these settings tend to follow, a teeming underbelly has struggled for existence within Dartignon. Factions of thieves and freedom fighters struggle for their place, while scheming and decimated noble houses assert their political machinations. With the dark ages of Dartignon in full swing, magic and religion has been destroyed and driven deep underground. Their practice is all but vanished, even among the outlaws. Instead, sciences such as alchemy and gunsmithing have found a home among those brave enough to learn their forbidden secrets.   The rest of the kingdom, to varying degrees, fares much better. Leone has managed to mostly recover from the war, but bad blood runs deep throughout both lands. A complicated system of trade has been established between Dartignon and the rest of the kingdom, to the benefit of almost no one--save Duke Dartignon himself. Leonians, despite the difficulties they still face in the north, have begun to establish themselves as capable artisans and enlightenment thinkers. Though their noble class is still tilted toward pomp and prim, a significant cultural renaissance is in its budding stages.   South of the Ridgewall, the rest of the kingdom enjoys a more stable and prosperous existence. King Ormund may be inexperienced, but the Dukes that have served his forefathers manage their affairs, and maintain peace throughout their lands.