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Maorans (May-or-ans)

Basic Information


Maorans have complex anatomy and morphology like most species on Orimir. They have soft easily penetrable skin. They have two arms, hands, legs, and feet. Though they can have genetic abnormalities giving them extra limbs or less, on average they appear two be born with the aforementioned traits. They have internal organs to include 3 very important organs needed for their survival which is a brain, heart, and 2 lungs. Maorans have a dense yet fragile bone structure which is covered in muscular tissues which can be conditioned to vary their size. As they age they tend to become more frail and at the end of their lives vital organs and other physiological aspects begin to age as well which is what leads to their short life span in comparison to other species on Orimir.

Genetics and Reproduction

Maorans have a peculiar set of traits much of which are various yet slight genetic variations. Males have been to be capable of reaching various heights but on average are about 5' 10". Females too have varying heights but on average can reach the height of 5' 6". The Maoran body can be frail and succumb to injury very easily, much like those of the Alfmirian species. They can condition their bodies to become more dextrous, but their intelligence, though considered average, coupled with their scientific and ingenuity are quite remarkable and have allowed them to thrive given their current circumstances. Maorans genetics allow for their species to vary vastly in not only their bone and muscular structure but their skin coloration varies vastly as if they had to somehow adapt to varying degrees of climate and ecological changes throughout their development. This in turn makes identification of individuals easy to recognize and unique to study. In order for the species to propagate both male and female DNA is required to gestate a new life form within the female and takes roughly nine months to give birth. On average Maorans have only one offspring but on rare occasions can produce up to two or three children in one pregnancy. There have even been very rare recorded instances of female Maorans giving birth to six to eight children. Their immune system is highly adaptable considering their evolution in what harsh environment they hail from. They have been known be to carry and quickly spread diseases between each other ad to other species do to their bodies method of adapting and fighting the infection of which they carry. Though they may suffer greatly from any diseases they are capable of creating antibodies rapidly and passing them down genetically to help prevent infections to future generations.

Growth Rate & Stages

Maorans have a moderate growth rate in the early part of their life. It takes them roughly 18 years to reach full growth.

Ecology and Habitats

Maorans are a very adaptable species and can survive and thrive in almost every environment. Some speculate this due to their origin but it is still not yet known to where they hail from or when they came to be. They have a complex and unique social structure and have a closeness to their children for long portions of their lives remaining close and involved in their development. Though the Maorans leave in almost every known location on Orimir, Vulford is their capital city which is the same location in which they were first discovered.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Maorans diet consists of various vitamins, minerals, and proteins for their bodies. though they can go long periods of time without food they do need on thing that several other species on Orimir need to survive, which is water. Maorans are always questioning, researching, and inventing as they have for thousands of years. Doing this has helped them overcome various obstacles and allowed them to thrive in order for them to survive and stave off any threats. Given their current status in Ormir society it is no wander they have pushed themselves so hard. They can be brave and quick to anger and fight. It is again believed this has been written into their genetic code from their previous environment.

Biological Cycle

After about 50 years Maoran bodies begin to break down and age getting worse until the end of their lives. Their life span is not very long but is not the shortest on Orimir. The average Maoran without any severe genetic dispositions can live to be 95 years old. The females of the species tend to surpass that with most living on average to be 102.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Vulford, Asago, Erydiff, Agoshire, Lugstad, Khuhull, Khing, Kragos, Kulk

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Maorans have very basic sight and are able to see basic details up to 3.1 miles away. They are very adept at taking in there surroundings with not just sight but with hearing and their sense of smell. Though it is not as advance as some species on Orimir, they are capable of using this information to protect themselves with a fight or flight function in their bodies which gives them a rush to either flee or fight any threat presented to them. Through various observations it has been claimed but not confirmed that some humans have developed the extrasensory capability to perceive the future and read thoughts. No Maoran has yet been found to have had these abilities but studies and observations still continue.

Civilization and Culture


According to the records Maorans arrived on the eastern shores in what is now know as their capital city of Vulford around 10,000 years ago shortly after the fall of the of the Empire of Qada. They were first encountered by the Alfmirians who are one of the smartest and oldest species in the realm. The Maorans were offered assistance and shelter but the Alfmirian embasidors were attacked in the night with most of them being killed. This inturn lead to the Maorans being hunted and attacked for the next several decades. When all seemed lost for the Maoran species a male by the name of Delgard had made a discovery in the ruins of Qada. This discovery lead to the rapid technological advancement of the Maoran people allowing them to use this technology to combine the power of the sky stones and steam to create weapons and machines to help push back the Alfmirian forces. After decades of fightings emisaries from the captial city of Asago arrived on the shores of Vulford. The Kotarians, who have been at odds with the Alfmirians for centuries, saw an oportunity to aid the Maorans and gain a new ally in there stuggle against the Alfmirians. They would supply the Maorans with provisions, soldiers and sky stones to aid in the battle and in return the Maorans would share their technology with the Kotarians. This allowed the Kotarians to become the most powerfull empire in the realm. After 200 years of fighting between the three nations the Alfmirians, Maorans, and Kotarians signed a treaty and agreed to a cease fire which has held strong for the last 8,000 years. which allowed the Maorans a chance to grow and spread hroughout the realm. Though they had grown in population, martial prowess, and technology, they slowly began to over step their position and tried to claim the area of the former empire of Qada. This did not sit well with many of the nations and so they all meet in a neutral location to discuss how best to deal with th growing Maoran threat. The leaders of each nation decided that in order to keep Maorans from getting out of control they would impose sanctions and limitations on their technological development as well as their station in the realm. The Maoran leaders did not like the terms of the other nations and in a desperate move they decided to got ot war with any nation who tried to impose these new sanctions, which would ultimately be their undoing.
95 to 102
Average Height
5'10" Males 5'6" Females
Average Weight
175-210 lbs. Males 145-185 lbs. Females

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