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In the Era Before, civilizations grew and grew, uncapped by menial resource constraints or petty political squabbles. Utilizing heavy arcane mathematics and science, production of far-past modern technology came quickly as the years sauntered on. With rapid innovation, however, came rapid destruction. Words and bombs were flung across oceans. And one day, there was the flash. No noise, no shockwave - only a massive eruption of light and the destruction of all that was known. The flash destroyed all, obliterating almost all life in a fraction of an instant. The sky became dark and land grew cracked.   However, on the opposite side of the globe from where the flash began, some would survive. One city, the village of Orkesh, stood strong. Orkesh was a city of simple electric power and strong community, survivalists born into their village and unable to escape lest they face the arctic desert which seemed to stretch into seemingly infinite plains. Due to the Orkesh’s isolated nature, not much is known of the Era Before. All that is known is what came after.   After the flash, they began to rebuild. In total, there were three hundred survivors with any closer to the flash presumed dead. Repopulation efforts were a success, but keeping people alive was a struggle. The land was dry and arid. The sky began to rain anything but water. Nevertheless, the Orkesh utilized previously created underground tunnels used for mining to harvest groundwater and breed subterranean plants. Emergency shelters made of the newly clayified ground provided ample cover from the elements. The Orkesh, adept at fending off the creatures of the arctic, adapted to the new creatures of the areas destroyed in the flash. These areas (which cover almost all of the planet) colloquially became known as scourge.   Efforts to clean up the scourge and make it habitable had failed time and time again. The creatures of the scourge evolved at an annual rate, genetic abominations sprouting up every which way. Some live within the scourge, known as wasters. They’re an uncommon sight. They, alongside the beasts of the scourge, are mutated by the residual combative energy of the flash, developing warlike mutations throughout their life cycle.   Six hundred years after the flash, time had marched on unfettered by the scourge. The only surviving city, Orkesh, was mostly intact. It became the breaking ground for what would slowly become the mega city, the last hope for the survival of the humanoids. Technology now has a foothold on the technology of the Before Era, mobile phones and technological wonders found in every square foot of the city. Neon lights and damp streets clash with the orange hellscape outside the window of every resident.   In Orkessian, “Orkesh”, means “those who survived”, referring to how the city of Orkesh was originally founded in the arctic by a band of travelers who were stranded during Al Besa, an infamous snow storm. The name of the new city, in light of the constraints on survival posed by the scourge, thus became “Orcon”, meaning “those who survive”. However, as Orcon has developed, the true danger has become what the city, in all of its advancement unconstrained by morality, has become.   The streets of Orcon stink to high hell. The looming steel and glass structures shatter, shards ripping the skin of innocent passerby. Looking to the source of the harrowing blasts, it is not the weapon which terrifies - it is the wielder. Vampires. Werewolves. Zombies. The citizens of Orcon need someone to fear, and everyone wants to be the source of said fear.


Orcon Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign

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