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The Imperial Faith

The Official faith of the Haran Empire, however with such a massive empire any "official religion" will no doubt have sects and subsets with in itself. Not only for each god is there a whole list of followings that devote themselves to that god and that god only. There are also the many saints that hold domain over one aspect of their patron gods greater domain, a saint of close combat being with in the domain of warfare. There are also sects who worships aspects of the gods, Appleta's Lighting, Storms and Anger or Yada's need to amass knowledge and spread it around the world. However the main trunk of the Imperial Faith has control of the Inquisitors, lastly are the ones who preform the majority to "Arcane Aptitude Tests" that are preformed on children at their birth and later in life.

Public Agenda

Promote righteousness, Good morals and Devotion to the Gods throughout the Empire.


Not only do they hold sway over the population of peasants, being the mouth pieces of the gods themselves holds great sway with the common people. They also have command of the inquisition sending them where they believe there is heretics to be hunted.

"Golden Harafret, Green mother Appleta, Beautiful Master Vatanicy, The Architect of Fate Yada, Watch over us, now and in the here after."

Religious, Monastic Order
Alternative Names
Imperial Cult, Shrewd old crone.

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