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The Fith Emperor, Yerick Mardella Elisha

Emperor of the Haran Empire. Chosen of the Gods and Blessed of the Saints. Yerick Mardella Elisha (a.k.a. His most benevolent ruler in the Known world,)

Wrapped in a shroud of dark silks and wrapped in jewelry of the finest craft, arcane trinkets adorning his person that thrum with almost unworldly power. His majestic aura almost crushing for those unprepared to face it, even when held back to it's most extreme degree. A crown of Platinum, Star Steel, Black Iron and jeweled with crystallized Soul stones, the crown of emperors adorns his head, nestled between to neatly polished horns that curve slightly. The eyes of silver and burning embers leveling down at his subjects judging weighing their fates with just resolve. His devilish appearance off putting if not for his majestic beauty and splendor. The wealth and loyalty stern about him can not be compared to anything seen in any other court anywhere in the world, some would even say it could rival that god of trade and wealth's own golden city.

Mental characteristics


Tutored under the Palace mages of the Imperial palace in the Capital city. Shown the usefulness of war wizards and battle mages both when serving as a recruit under the Battle mages of the Imperial palace but then during his service in an Orcish Invasion of Queen's Gate. The Conflict on the Queen's Gate border giving him subjects and targets for his spells and work. Joined the Imperial Academy and learned under the Arch-mage of the School of Necromancy, then when he was made the Arch-mage of that school he learned much from the restricted section of the Academy Library. Gaining that thirst for knowledge he was inducted into the Order of Yada gaining the ability to learn from their teachings and scrolls. He was then suddenly made the head of Academy and Lord-Governor of the Crown Isles giving him wealth and underlings to seek out knowledge and time to research once more into his favored school of magic. This increasing when he was named the Heir to the Fourth Emperor and then ascending to the seat of Fifth Emperor.


Starting out as a simple place mage apprentice he worked his way into one of the elite Battle-mage squads. Earning the title of Magister and was sent to work in Queen's Gate against one of the Orcish Invasions. Took up adventuring after the conflict was over, spent six years working on his spell craft before returning to the Crown Isles and the Capital publishing a book on spell craft. Later he entered the Crown Isles' arenas slaughtering his way to the top rank in the whole of the Crown Isle's regional arena bracket. Joined the Imperial Academy after winning in the Arena instantly gaining the position as apprentice directly under the current Arch-mage of Necromancy School. Was named Arch-mage of Necromancy School, also having published four more books, three spell books and one Historical account of the Forth Emperor's Hedonistic reign under a pen name of course. Joined the Order of Yada, working as a priest diligently trying to spread the light of knowledge on all subjects he encountered. Was in one swift motion named Head of the Imperial Academy as well as the Lord-Governor of the Crown Isles. He was then declared the only living child of the Forth Emperor making him the only heir and was named Emperor of the Haran Empire.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Crafted over sixty-eight spells that are now used all over the world by the age of Twenty six. Killed an ogre with his bare hands at the age of twenty eight, later becoming that grand champion of the Crown Isles' area ring later that year. Slayed a twin headed Adult Dragon Zir'jack after a grand battle in Keene at Thirty seven. Was named an Arch-mage of the Imperial Academy at the age of forty becoming the youngest in History to earn the title. Earned the Title "Honored Champion of Yada God of Magic and Knowledge" at forty four. Earned the Title "Lord-Governor of the Crown Isles" at the age of forty five. Earned the Title "Head Arch-mage of the Imperial Academy" at the age of forty five. Became the Emperor of the Haran Empire "Dragon Emperor" at the age of fifty.

Failures & Embarrassments

Is the current ruling emperor as the empire is falling to pieces. Currently to deep in study to notice that there is several large conflicts for whole provinces of the empire to become independent. Has lost the trust and loyalty of several of his hands.

Mental Trauma

Narcissistic, Emotional dysregulation disorder, Abandonment Issues.

Intellectual Characteristics

Creative in many ways from developing new forms of magic to the Empire's infrastructure his creative mind was useful in his rule at the start of his reign. Calculating like a cunning tactician and imaginative politician, causing his opponents to jump through hoops and tests to wear them down. Almost as easily as he gets his subordinates to jockey for his token approval or the glance of his praise.

Morality & Philosophy

They believe that their will should be followed as if it was said by the god's in their booming voices that cause the sky to rend and the mountains to quake.

Personality Characteristics


To become a god among mortal sheep, then ascend to become true god so that no one can hold them back or laugh.

Likes & Dislikes

Absolute disdain for non-magical users. Enjoys listening to the views of those with knowledge, any kind will do.

Virtues & Personality perks

Quick to anger, is annoyed by mortals quickly.

Vices & Personality flaws

Absolute disdain for non-magical users.

Personality Quirks

Has a tendency to look over nails when they're tell a lie. Often sneak out incognito to travel the world as a commoner to check up on people, though they have not done so in a while. Prefers the company of their more longer lived companions then any of the shorter lived races like humans or dwarves.


He smells like fresh soap and incense with an underlining smell of sensual musk of a vary active night life. Kept clean and dry by servants and slaves that will clean sweat before it even beads and shade him from the sun before it even shines.


Family Ties

Son of the Forth Emperor.

Religious Views

Outwardly is a perfectly religious idol playing his part of semi-demi-god till he is ready to unveil that he plans on ascending to the position of god to the foolish mortals of this world.

Social Aptitude

Extremely Charismatic in short spurts lasting no more then an hour then they become annoyed by the person.


Seems to constantly look down or talk down to others. Acts as if everything is part of their long distant plan.

Hobbies & Pets

Keeps several rare beasts and monsters, notable is several Dragons, a two whole flocks of Phoenixes and Griffins. He also keeps a small zoo of non-planer creatures inside the Imperial palace as simi-pets, his favorite to tease being an Arch-devil of traps and trickery from the History plane. He finds the irony of him capturing the Arch-devil of traps and trickery by trapping and tricking it vary funny.


The Forth Emperor Brian Hangman

Father (Trivial)

Towards The Fith Emperor, Yerick Mardella Elisha




The Fith Emperor, Yerick Mardella Elisha

Son (Important)

Towards The Forth Emperor Brian Hangman




Divine Classification
Neutral God-like-self-serving-jerk.
Year of Birth
1 (349 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Born to the Imperial Empress under the star of the Dying Traveler.
The Imperial Palace.
Current Residence
The Imperial Palace, the Tower of Graves
Biological Sex
Silvery cobalt with a ring of red around the center. Their eyes squint at those with a cunning stare, gauging a person like a merchant looking over a necklace or a butcher looking over a slaughtered boar. Cold and distant but with in a small flame flicker
Long pulled tight into a bow, combed to sit into a neatly attended braid that sits at the back of their head. The braided hair reaches far past their waist and remains thick throughout, having jewelry of all kinds dotting it's length.
6' 11"
Roughly 150 Ibs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Why do you cry? No more laughter? No more snide comments? Shame you where good at that."
Aligned Organization
The Haran Empire
Known Languages
Seemingly having mastered any Language, Dialect or code used in his empire. From the barking yips, caws and growls of the Beast-men to the hidden code of the Druids.

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