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Mech Gnomes

These Gnomes stay in their large cities dealing with normal life, they do not deviate from routine and try not to bother any of the big folk who come to deal with the High Engineers for materials in exchange for goods that their cities produce. Often quiet, meticulous, industrious and innovative they toil away at their work shops and factories for the betterment of their follow gnomes. They believe that hard work will lead them to wealth and a way out of the dark depths of their cities of cold metal and stone.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Often meant to sound cutsy or name on the toungue to both gnomes and non-gnomes, the feminine names of the Mech gnomes are often the most liked by outsiders. Junke, Nunna, Fumkia, Bike, Sebey, Daslybill.

Masculine names

Preferring names that can be spoken quickly to match the quick pace of the workshops and forges the Masculine names of the Mech gnomes are often given to those who will be taking up roles in such fields where quick communication is needed. Pun, Tim, Ackash, Link, Bunk, Buc, Lunk, Gitter, Theed.

Family names

Their familia names are often a reflection of their family's role in their city or at least what it use to be, however to most non-mech Gnomes it just seem like two random words have been shoved together. This makes their names sort of codes that only other mech gnomes would understand. Cogsmash, Tram-Click, Screw, Copperbolt, Fizzleoil


Beauty Ideals

Beyond beauty which is fleeting what matters to the Mech Gnomes is intelligence and how you can bend Steel, Copper, and Mana to your will.

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