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Knights of the Griffin

"Courage in Battle, Justice in Rule, Mercy to those who may not deserve it, Generosity to those less fortunate, Faith in the Four Gods, Nobility in thought and action, Lastly Hope to bring at brighter day."   These words are carved in the Griffin keep as well as at the base of Roosting Cliffs were the Girffin Knights get their famous mounts. Each Knight selects one of these seven sets of words to inscribe onto their inner breast plate and the inside of their shield.



The Current Grandmaster of the order is Jakob Davis, Having bested not only the former Grandmaster in single combat but also the other four Masters after they challenged his right to the title. He offered to fight them all together, however the Master of Blades Yig Solashia declined and faced the young Knight in single combat. The Fight was legendary, However ended too quick that the Order's Chronicler could not record the moments.

Talon Master, Blade Master, Spear Master, Shield Master

Masters of the Four Forms, each having made their weapon's part of themselves.


Sir David Castle-Hawk, a Middle aged half elf. Born a bastard to a stable girl but made a quick rise through the ranks of the Griffin Knights. His skill with animals, singing and mounted Archery. From the back of his griffin Swift Feather he is a deadly force in the arena of Arial combat. This position has been in the order for as long as it has been an order of knights. The Talon Master trains every member of the Winged Knights in Archery and in Mounted Combat, Knight Errants and Acolytes are trained by the Winged Knights.


Sir Yig Solashia, master of the blade. If the weapon has either one or two hands to it's hilt, Sir Yig can wields it as a part of their body. As if the blades where part of them Sir Yig can masterfully wield two handed weapons, or wield two weapons with equal vigor and artful posture.


Sir Howard Kepltin, the spear, the lance, the glaive, the quarterstaff and the pike.


Sir Jovany Tiran, the shield of the people. Having not mastered any weapon, but a humble shield. The shield of their brothers and sisters, not only that but the common people. They take the Acolytes and Knight Errants and little missions through out the nearby provinces. These mission are meant to suppress the local monster population and to keep bandits in check as well.

Winged Knight

Trained in the saddle of a horse and the harness of a griffin, as if born into both of them. Getting a grasp of the four forms the Winged Knights are are elegant machines of civil warfare. There is only at one point roughly five hundred to one thousand Winged Knights. All of the Winged Knights gather for one week ever three years once their griffins go into the breeding mood.

Knight Errant

Masters of three of the three forms of combat. The most common knight to see by the common people of the nearby provinces. They ride around keeping track of the various threats to safety and order, as well as an eye on the monsters that lurk near the forest edge. They also often gather together to fight in tournaments for the honor of the Order and to draw attention to themselves in the hopes that they will earn the right to make an attempt at the trails and then the joining.


Having only mastered one of the forms of combat Acolytes are either sent out on missions into the world or travel with the Shield on Extermination mission or Suppression mission. They're still called squires however they have finished training with a Knight Errant in the forms


"Peace by Talon, Steel or Claw."

Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Griffin Knights

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