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Crows, Gold Piece.

A dull gold coin that is well worn, it is the common currency of the upper class, and is used almost as frequently as a ten or twenty dollar bill is.   The Face side of the coin has a crow landing on a branch, the tail side having a small crown with a Spear and Staff crossed in the background or it could simply be gold shaped into a small crow in flight.

Manufacturing process

Place of Manufacture

The Imperial Palace, Ni-Kud, Volf Mount, Queen's Gate. These are the only places inside the empire that have not only the equipment and the legal rite to craft and mint more of this currency.  

Process of production

The Inner workings of the mints is unknown to most common folks, the workers at the mint are sworn to secrecy but a few things have been leaked. One, a simple ingot is pressed into a flat sheet of gold. Two, the stamp rolls over the sheet, pressing the shaped of the coin into the face and back of the coin. Three, the now stamped coins are cut out with a die and sent to a special chamber in the mint. Four, a group of specially sanctioned and trained mages cast a series of spells and enchantments onto the coinage. Five, finally the coins leave the mint and are sent to the local Cathedral to be blessed in the light of the four gods. Harafret, so that it will always shimmer and shine with splendor. Appaleta, so that it can always be accepted for food and water. Vantanicy, so that it will be always of use to someone. Yada, so that it will always be spend wisely.


The Crow is the most common currency and is used to pay soldiers to craftsmen alike for their work.  


The Crow has a story behind it on why it has a crow on the face side and not one of the emperors. During the reign of the Second Emperor, an Ancient Golden Dragon landed in the court yard of the palace and challenged the emperor to a duel of wits, magic and martial prowess. The Emperor being a strong mage and knowing that he could defeat the Dragon accepted. The duel of wits was a simple board game, the emperor bested the dragon five out of six times, The Dragon conceded defeat and the pair moved onto the next challenge.   The duel of magics was fought on the tallest tower in the palace, the dragon opened portals in the sky that blasted fire and ice from other planes, it tore holes in the fabric of the plane to summon forth swarms of demons even other lesser dragons. The Emperor parried it's spells by banishing the demons back and dismantling the lesser dragons by rending them apart with his magic, lastly he stuffed closed the portals with the corpses of the dead lesser dragons. all through out their battle the dragon swooped and swayed about the tower, sending torrents of spells and flames from it's maw at the Emperor. The Emperor however did not take a single step from his spot. However once he had seen all that the dragon could muster he asked, "Is this all a thousand years have taught you dragon? Fine let me end your wasted life, we shall now start the duel in earnest." The dragon agreed and landed, it's form shimmering into that of a young golden skinned elf with knee high golden hair. "Come mortal we are ready for you." The Dragon now lifted a glimmering mythril blade and made ready for the emperor's advance however the emperor simply chuckled and raised his hand and said a simple work. "Break" before the dragon or the court to react the dragon's sword broke, then his finger tips, then his wrist, then his arm. The dragon screams and retreated to the edge of the tower. The Emperor called out, "Where are you going? I have not even started to fight." The dragon leaped from the edged of the tower falling quickly, it then turn into it's original form and started to fly off towards the King's gate mountains.   The Dragon flew for seven night and seven days away from the palace. Slowly however crows started to fly along side it. Reaching it's lair it circled above it and did not land. The ground and entrance having be covered in the massive flock of crows. One of the birds flew near the beasts head and in the voice of the Emperor asked "Do you forfeit the duel or shall I continue?" The Dragon barreled away from the small bird, however the wind suddenly turn and caught in an up draft the dragon flew up towards the sky. One by one, pair by pair, till swam by swarm crows left the ground and circled about the great, pecking and nipping at it.   The Dragon was trapped it could not land, and where ever it flew the swarm of birds followed nipping and biting at it tearing away at it's scales. after a day the great beast finally fell from the sky. The beast was picked away at like the bones of a slaughtered deer till it the Emperor arrived and kneeling to the dragon to hear it's final words. The dragon however slowly shuts it's eyeless eyes and sighs as it finally gives up.   In Honor of the Dragon's strength the Emperor remitted the Gold hireling piece and minted a new coin in honor of the beast. Thus the Gold Crow and the Dragon Pound piece was born.

Item type
Currency & Deeds
The Haran Empire
Owning Organization
The Haran Empire
0.2 Ounces
The diameter is 0.955 inches (24.26 mm), and the width of 0.069 inches.
Base Price
0.0001 of a Dragon, 1 Gold, 100 Silver, 1000 Copper.

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