Reptilia are regarded as slow and sluggish and also quite dumb. That way they are disliked and underestimated by many people.  



First names of Reptilia often contain double vowels such as Oo, Uu which gives the names a long and sluggish sound.
  • Kooroo
  • Teemuu
  • Oork


Surnames in Reptilia are often fforms of water or swamp related, short words
  • Mud
  • Swamp
  • River


Average technological level

The Reptilia have the least technological maturity of all races, they are rather slow and sluggish which contributes to the fact that they also have little interest in progress.   Even their cooking is rudimentary, so they just throw everything in a pot of boiling water if they don't eat it raw.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Huumoo - throwing the dead into the mud to mummyfy them


Beauty Ideals

Reptilia are not concerned with someones appearance and as such don't have beauty ideals per se. Regardless, many reptilia try to tend to their scales by rubbing mud on them and as such, muddy scales are considered to be pretty.

Gender Ideals

For Reptilia nothing is more boring than strict rules as such every gender can do what the other can do.

Courtship Ideals

When trying to get a partner, reptilia tend to rub even more mud on their body. Some go to the extent of cutting of their own scaled to show it to their desired partner as a present. This might seem weird to other races, it is however regarded as a wonderful gift which shows that the other would go through every pain for the other one.

Relationship Ideals

Reptilia tend to stay together for their whole, long life. Some argue this is due to their laziness but some just think of it as a really cute way to live.

Encompassed species
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