Cult of the Elders

General Information

The cult of the Elders was formed roughly 150 years ago and is spread throughout Orcerta.   The majority of its deciples can be found in the five capital cities where each of the headmasters has its own building to govern over their branch.      


Deciples of the cult of the elders believe that the name giving "Elders", will rise again.   The exact belief differs even inside the branches but is greatly influenced by the Headmasters and their closest circle.   Some followers think the Elders will bring great fortune to everyone in the cult while some think the Elders will reshape or even destroy the lands.   But all followers attribute natural phenomena to the lingering influence of the elders.   E.g. They thank the water Elder for rain or the nature Elder for a good harvest      

Hierarchy and Structure

Governing the cult

The cult it self is non centralised in its structure, each branch is free to do what it seems fit as long as it furthers the goal to spread the belief and prepare for the ressurection of the Elders.   Each capital city has a branch of the cult that worships elders corresponding to the local domains theme.   E.g. Levivets branch worships the elders of Nature and Soul, while Imphas branch worships the Elders of Fire and Water.   While there is no governing body that directs the cult as a whole, the headmasters meet, on demand, but at least once a year to exchange information and possible directions in person.      

Important Roles

  • Headmasters
    Each branch has two headmasters who devote themselves to especially one of the two elders of their branch. They are the main decision makers but often have a circle of trusted followers to discuss their ideas with.
  • Inner Circle
    Members of the inner circle of their headmasters are held in high esteem by other disciples andare generalls greatly trusted by everyone. They most often take the role of advisors, not only for the headmasters, but for all their fellow members.
  • Runner
    Each branch employs at least 4-8 runners who are task with information exchange between the cults in each city. They are basically always on the road and as such come into contact with a lot of people from which they either try to gather information, have a nice chat or entice to join the cult.
  • Hostler
    These members work in the cults stables and provide Aurim for every member in need of one regardless of ranking.

Income, Taxation and Buildings

Each branch earns their own income by offering diverse services to the public, these range from blacksmith shops to Inns or even flower shops, but each branch owns one stable at least due to their high travel rate.      

A travelling cultist is a happy cultist

Not only are the disciples of the cult allowed to travel, they are even encouraged to do it.   For this reason the members of this cult are generally seen as joyous and out going, but also tend to be recognised as a bit preachy


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I like how the non-centralized structure leads to groups in different areas worshipping different elders. I also like the heading "a travelling cultist is a happy cultist." :)   Note: you may want to re-check your formatting tags on "Important Roles." It looks like a paragraph, but it reads like a list. Considering the clear formatting everywhere else in the article, I'm guessing this was not intentional.

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