Saxum, or "The Blood of the Elders", can be found everywhere on Orcerta and in every living being. According to the legends, the elders brought a part of themselves, the saxum, to the world through the effect of Signum.   The living creatures that were created by their work were also capable of using Signum.   Saxum occurs in 6 purities, which are categorized according to the alphabet. A categorization takes place only starting from a diameter of 3.5mm, otherwise they would be too small for further processing.  
  • E - Major impurities
  • D - Heavy impurities
  • C - little impurities
  • B - minor impurities
  • A - No impurities
  • S - No impurities, high impact on their environment and never loses its capacity
  There is an unofficial seventh category: F- These are saxum crystals that are so impure that no power can be drawn from them. The most common categories you encounter in Orcerta are the categories (F)E to C.     Since each of the elders left something of itself on Orcerta, there are 10 different types of Saxum, which also have different characteristics.  
  • Fire - Small amounts of heat are produced by these crystals.
  • Water - These crystals lower the temperature in their environment.
  • Nature - The growth rate of plants in their environment is slightly accelerated
  • Electric - These crystals are magnetic
  • Power - The crystals are, for their ratio, unusually light or heavy
  • Arcane - These crystals shimmer in all colours and can even be invisible.
  • Flux - These crystals are easily formable.
  • Music - In the vicinity of these crystals, one can perceive a quiet buzzing.
  • Hexes - Crystals of this kind have a differing emotional effect on the living beings around them.
  • Necromancy - This crystal promotes slight mutations in plants around it.


Each crystal has a certain "amount of charge" that increases according to its rank. this can be assessed by the shimmer of a crystal.
Each spell consumes a certain amount of crystal charge.
A saxum crystal gradually recharges itself, the speed depends on the environment, so a natural crystal loads fast in a forest and slower in a desert.
It is also possible to execute high-ranking signum with crystals of a lower rank, but this results in a weakening of the signum and the possible breaking of the crystal.
With each new recharging of a crystal, its shimmer disappears; a crystal is therefore not usable forever.  


Crystals can, by a layman, be roughly categorized by their shimmer, and the rest of energy can be read off.
However, professional workers are able to precisely categorize these crystals and estimate their charge amount.  

Mixed Crystals

It is possible that mixed forms of crystals may appear in the wild. It is to say that, while all mixtures are possible, only crystals which are a pair of Affinity and Complementary Signum are of any use, the rest will lose the ability to be used to cast Signum. These mixtures are divided into two types:
A cincta crystal is a crystal that is enclosed in another one. This mostly happens with Saxum of a different combination than affinity and complementary which basically makes most cincta useless. A Cincta of fitting mixture however, retains its purity and as such is stronger than a Misca of similar blend.
Saxum of fitting affinities most of the time form a Misca, this means they are blended with each other and no clear distinctive parts are visible inside of the Misca. However, a Misca loses one stage of purity. Example: A Fire and Water Saxum of category B will create a Misca with a purity of C.   This means, a Misca of two type E crystals is useless for it forms a type F Misca.  


Saxum is mainly used to work Signum, for this the crystal is either held directly in the hand, or embedded in objects like rings.   Direct contact to the crystals is necessary for Signum to work.  


It is possible to artificially create Saxum crystals these, however, will, to this date, always be of rank F.  

Mining locations

While saxum, in theory, can be found everywhere, the largest and purest deposits of this mineral can be found in the mountains. Since the Fjenima settled there, they are also mainly responsible for the mining and trading of it.
Item type
Raw Material
There are six kinds of Saxum purity where a higher purity also is rarer.
75% of Saxum is unearthed by Anima which then also decide the price.
Base Price
coming soon after i made currencies...
  • E-
  • D-
  • C-
  • B-
  • A-
  • S-


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Eternal Deity Ademal
Ademal Jacklyn
13 Apr, 2018 16:36

An interesting currency and source of power! I like that you've broken it down into very technical classifications.


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Roman Gifford
5 Aug, 2018 19:48

I really enjoy the requirement of the Saxom to be touching the skin in order to be used, along with decaying power after being recharged multiple times. If I understood correctly, the "durability" or lifespan of a Saxom crystal is determined by its purity level? With the most pure being very expensive and difficult to find/retrieve? Brilliant! I especially enjoy the indications that a crystal is growing nearby, and what type it might be based on the surroundings. Really well done here.