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15,000 years ago many cultures came together to form the foundations of the world of Orbis. Throughout history the work of sorcerers, scholars, holy men, and kings forged the grand path for the promise of eternal peace and prosperity of the realm. These Great Mothers and Fathers were the key to bringing a balance to the world. Even when the world itself turned its back on them, they prevailed. Against all. Against the Darkness.   At last the horrors of darkness were stayed and the fiery light shined upon the world. Peace was made within the land and all creatures were offered a piece of what was promised from the Great Fathers and Mothers of the old words.   And so the peoples of Orbis diverged and fractured. They spread throughout the world creating a place for themselves. From the Northern Highlands to southern shores of the Great Jungles. Kingdoms were built, fiefdoms were agreed upon and dynasties were made. Thousands of years of heritage and culture were lived through and passed down to the new generations. All was well and good until the Great Collapse of Civilization.   It was sudden and awful. Like the crack of great lightning, it happen too fast. The sole continent of the world shattered in two. Creating what is now known as Primus and Terros. The New and Old Continents of Orbis. This was known as the Fracture. Within a few centuries Primus was developed and flourishing again. Terros on the other hand was lost to the years. It would be millennia before the Great Adventurers of the new age could navigate to the lost continent.   Now regarding the fracture. Many lives were lost that day. Millions of creatures of the world died and there bodies and souls sucked into the eternal Void that is now blanketed by the Deep Ocean of Caerula. The Fracture not only shattered the world but also brought horrors of darkness upon it. Forgotten creatures from the deep darkness of the Void, the Hollow. These creatures are merciless, tyrannical beasts that will stop at nothing to bring the total and eternal darkness to the world and reap destruction for eternity.   Will you help forge the path to peace? Or will you be the one to bring the dark chaos careening to the heart of Orbis? Choose your path adventurer, and make haste you do it while there's still a path to take!



The Scarlet Mask

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

Blood will run and the Dead will walk.

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  • Map of Western Coastal Region
  • Map of North Central Region