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The Keen Edge

The door of this shop is carved with the image of a notched axe. Inside, axes and swords line the walls and weapon racks of this low-ceilinged (six feet) shop. The sound of metallic hammering echoes in the enclosed space, often accompanied by dwarven curses and loud bellows.

Purpose / Function

Melee Weapons Sales


The stone structure is small, and the operating forge in the back means that the air inside is hot and stuffy all day long.


Thayco Manslayer has been making axes and swords for the Gate Guards for a little over a century. Though he is rude, foul, smelly, and short-tempered, Thayco does craft fine weapons.

Thayco charges standard rates for his weapons, though he does not get along well with spellcasters, so he never sells magical weapons.
Parent Location

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