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The Empyrean Hall


Its construction overseen by the finest masons and architects and built from the plentiful stone of the old quarry, the Empyrean Hall is a towering example of what the nobility of the Empire can accomplish with their coin. The main level of the cathedral bears the shape of a seven-pointed star from above, with each wing housing the chapel of a member of the Imperial pantheon. An expansive crypt beneath the Hall bears the remains of those Last Marchers whose remains could be recovered; for the less fortunate or still missing (and presumed dead), a memorial statue of King Leorand de Castor overshadows the central courtyard surrounded by a cobble walk comprised of stones engraved with the names of those who followed in his footsteps.


The Empyrean Hall was once simply known as "the chapel," a simple stone structure dedicated to the The Shining One , occupying an out-of-the-way nook in Stonesblood. Miners and other laborers took some comfort in the services of the god of toil and dedication. With the advent of the Last March practice, the quaint little church couldn't accommodate the rush of nobility seeking their Last Rites. The deacon at the time received several hefty donations from the first waves of Worthy hopefuls passing into the wilderness, emptying the remainder of their coffers into the establishment of a church that could provide for all comers. It was finally given an official name with the arrival of Emeline Randall, a follower of The Archivist, who needed a title for the church when writing her records.
Alternative Names
Hall of Worship, The Cathedral
Parent Location

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