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The Brain Pan

Buckets? Bowls? No, helms - lots and lots of helms adorn this small shop, covering peg racks on all the available wall space. From the simplest Bascinet to the most elaborate and articulated Cervelliere to an entire row of Spangenhelms, the Brain Pan is prepared to literally cover your noggin',

Purpose / Function

Darius Dougel (Male Dwarf) crafts fine helmets in this richly-appointed shop. He is often in the market, shopping for raw materials, including unusual plumage that he uses to make decorations for his helms. Many of his more elaborately-decorated items never see combat, but are used in ceremonial functions only. Darius can still craft a fine functional helm, however, and is eager to work with warrior-types to create especially unusual headgear.
Shop, Tailor
Parent Location

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