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The Black Viper

Easily the most notorious site in Hero's Gate, the Black Viper is rumored to draw all manner of nefarious patrons - "rumored" because the bar's reputation for respecting the privacy of its customers is as pronounced as its reputation for acting as the de facto headquarters of the city's thieves' guild...if such a guild truly exists, of course.

Purpose / Function

The Black Viper is likely a center of crime and dark doings, though the Gatesmen have yet to catch anyone doing anything overtly or excessively illegal there.

Draped booths provide privacy, and the bar is overseen by a man known only as Scars (Male half-elf). He is assisted by two attractive waitresses, Natala and Zarabeshe (Female human and elf, respectively).

Rooms upstairs are small and neat, costing 2 sp per night 12 sp for a week and 2 gp per month. Drinks include:
  • Viper’s Venom (3 sp per shot; drinker must make a DC 10 + 1 per shot CON save or pass out for 2d6 hours)
  • Cotton Mouth Beer (3 cp per mug)
  • Mirkeer’s Grape (12 gp per bottle, 3 gp per glass)
  • Brin Zwiesher’s Ale (5 cp per mug)
Meals are only barely edible (Scars is not much of a cook) and cost 1 sp per person.


Grim and forbidding on the outside, the Viper is even darker and less welcoming inside, for the common room is enveloped in shadow, lit only by small lamps hanging from an iron chandelier.


The Black Viper has been the personal demesne of Malkeen Balacazar (Male Halfling) for nearly sixty years, and the gangster holds court in the tavern once a week, accepting petitioners one by one into the largest of the curtained booths. His ageless bodyguard, Na'haras (Female Human) stands silent watch.
Alternative Names
Death's Alehouse
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

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