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Rastor's Weapons

Purpose / Function

Rastor does not make weapons, but he buys and sells all types of personal armaments. His shop is highly organized, and the open windows let in a breeze that makes the whole shop jingle slightly from the safety chains that secure the weapons to their racks on the walls.

Rastor's stock is constantly in flux, but he almost always has several of the most common types of weaponry for sale, as well as usually one or two items of magical power.


Rastor, a Litorian (cousins to the Tabaxi, they resemble lions more than panthers or cheetahs), is known throughout Hero's Gate for his unimpeachable honor and the dignity with which he treats all of his customers. While he has never demonstrated any sort of magical talent, he has a truly uncanny sense with melee weaponry - he can take any weapon, examine it, give it a few test swings, and can probably tell you where it was made, how old it is, and even if there are any enchantments on it.

Rastor will always assess a weapon for anyone, free of charge. If, for some reason, he cannot determine the nature of the dweomer on a particular weapon, he usually directs them to Ezekiel's Enchanting Emporium for further information.
Alternative Names
Shop, Generic
Parent Location

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