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Fort North

The last bastion of civilization. The furthest fort of the Kingdom of the Anthegoths. It threads through the city of Hero's Gate in walls, barracks, and watchtowers. Stout walls, staffed by able Gatesmen, keep the city and its residents safe from the wilderness just beyond.

Purpose / Function

Fort North comprises all the military structures within the city of Hero's Gate, The most prominent structures are the great gate walls that cut off the major access routes to the city, and Stonesblood Castle - the seat of government for the area, and the home of Baroness Gillian de Brevere. Additionally, secondary city walls protect the castle and are pierced by gates that can be closed to block major city thoroughfares. A few barracks and watchtowers are sprinkled throughout the city.


Stonesblood Castle was first built hundreds of years ago, as part of bringing the mining camp into the fold of the Anthegothic Kingdom. The Castle has been sacked twice - once by Hobgoblins and once by Orcs - but has been rebuilt each time with additional defensive structures.
Military base / complex
Parent Location
Characters in Location

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