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Bull & Bear Armory

"Welcome to the Bull and Bear, crafters and purveyors of the finest armors in the north country! Mister Feek and...Mister Feek...are experts in both leather and steel. What would you like today?"

  • Iltumar Shon, shop clerk for the Bull & Bear Armory
  • Purpose / Function

    Brothers Hirus and Sholum Feek (Male Humans), the two armorsmiths who operate the Bull and Bear, don't craft anything fancy. They buy and sell armor brought to them (sometimes after repairing or refitting it), and they create armor harnesses to order. They cannot create magical armor themselves, but their consignment system means they might sometimes have something special in stock.


    More than other merchants in Hero's Gate, the Feek brothers keep to themselves. The front of the shop is often manned by a 16-year-old clerk named Iltumar Shon (Genderfluid Human), who tends to be in awe of adventurers, and always wants to hear thrilling stories of danger.
    Parent Location

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