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The Fractured Alliance

"Had the Empress stayed in power, had the realms been united, mayhap this disaster of an organization would have spared us the embarassment of its existence in the records of history." a Forternian historian about the Fractured Alliance
  HIstorically, even going as far as the Old World's times, Alliance were the ultimate opponent a great nation could face. Multiple cultures rallying together to defeat a common foe that threatens the status quo. Often an Alliance made could turn the tides with all the varied powers and great minds put into display. The Fractured Alliance was not one of them. First known as the Dentra-Apostoli-Leforest-Rossan alliance, then the Coalition of Hope, it barely held itself together for three years.   After the collapse of the Francia Empire, the Traitor Kings, Dukes and counts had become independant from each other, just in time to be faced by the incoming Eternal Conquest from the Demon Empire. In hurried panic the various Easternite realms tried to form a coalition to face the onslaught. But they were deprived of centralized leadership, faced with resentment from former Francian loyalist and altogether inexperienced in forming such a large alliance of incredibly varied powers, from the measly baron with a hundred troop to the rising kingly province. What poor force the Fractured Alliance could garner couldn't face the disciplined Demon Legion and its great Demon Lords, and the Eastern Realms were subdued without issue.

Humankind Foremost

369 - 373

Political, Alliance

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