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Ryker Malphas

The current Guard-Captain of Rossan-Valid. Ryker is the son of an unknown Midlander woman, and Rossan-Valid Dukedom's former Guard-Captain, Orca Malphas. He is a great warrior known for using two swords in battle. He inherited his grand-father's authoritarian nature, as well as his political cunning. He serves the Duke loyaly though he questions his foreign policies.   With the great amount of outsiders gathering in the Dukedom in recent years, Ryker and his guards have a hard time maintaining order. Having Demon, Long Mi and Ahuran adventurers staying in the mostly Human realm is not something rossan-validites are perfectly used to. WIth the Duke's recent project

Physical Description

Body Features

Ryker is very muscular. He trains regularly with his fellow guardsmen, but goes farther into his efforts by using heavy weights and mock battles, battling multiple people in a row before restarting the drills.

Facial Features

Ryker shaves his entire head daily, though he doesn't grow much hair in general save for his chest. He has a very sharp jawline and a low-placed jaw that lowers his jowls, making his passive figure look angry. He has a small mole under his right eye.

Apparel & Accessories

Ryker posesses two swords, one longer than the other on his right hip, the other on the left. His armor is in the same style as Rossan guardsmen, with the distinct additions fit for a Guard-Captain. While he inherited his father's apparel, it was too small and he had to modify slightly it to fit in properly. He added denser shoulder-pads and applied blue patches of cloths under his breastplate and hips. A chain hood completes his set, as Ryker likes the feel of interlinked iron on his empty scalp.
Current Location
Date of Birth
2nd of Autumn
Year of Birth
538 AS 19 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born during the Beast Calamities Crisis in Rossan-Valid
Brown, downturned
1.86 m
101 kg

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