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"Never trust an Outbound if a second one doesn't vouch for the first."
Common saying about which Outbound to trust.
  Nomadic Humans originating from the Midland region, said to be escaping the Outlaw Republic. Outbounds are renowned as artists and artisans. As a rule of thumb, they have less qualms about sharing advanced technological wonders than metropolitan Midlanders, even guns. In theory at least. Being trusted by an Outbound is something merchants of all background dream of.

Due to their lack of ties to any one organization or politics, Outbound travelers have highly varied laws, languages and customs, but generally form tight communities and friendly terms with other Outbound communities. They are fairly independant and well-supplied thanks to their advanced firepower mixed with experience in killing and dismantling valuable monsters.


Major language groups and dialects

Outbounds have thick accents and varied dialects, but nearly all of them are based around English roots. It is speculated that Old World tongues may have bled into the language as the originals became utterly unspoken with time, separated from the cultures that birthed them by an entire world of difference and the domination of the English language in a confined space.

Shared customary codes and values

Family is sacred for the Outbound, thus extending one's family through mariage with other Outbound groups is a valued practice even if the two roaming communities never meet each other again and only the grooms remain together. The woman may join the husband's family, or the husband may integrate the woman's family. While the former is more common there is no inherent negative effects in practicing the latter.
Parent ethnicities
Related Locations

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