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Mindstamp Crystals

Contains knowledge that can be transfered to a participant through a ritual.   Extremely costly and long production time (twenty-ten years).   Because of the encouragements of Demon Lord Vel Grao and the loss of Oveny in 536, the technology was applied on a proper Legion experiment, specifically, the Great Batch.


E very experimental project whose function is to edcate supersoldiers in the Demon Tongue and the World of Orbido in record time. Five years worth of information condensed in 12 hours of sleep.   In the future, it might serve as a way to transfer information directly to the brain from long distances, and become portable on the battlefield as a comunication device.
Parent Technologies
Ar Akoth Vel Grao Truthfinder Ar Eron Tal Moana
Access & Availability
Absolutely innaccessible. Not only are the costs and delays far too high for mere corporations, the level of technology involved is something noone has ever achieved so far in the pure area of mana studies.
COmponents grow in accordance to complex vsualisation and mana . Dangerous to even attempt due to the concentrations involved in the process.
After long studies of the crystalisation of mana in creatures, woods and minerals, a way to harvest it was found in 312.   But crystal affecting the mind directly are an extreme novelty.

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