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"In the darkness of a new world, we needed theoreticals and implementations for they were the same both in the Old World and the New. The nature-breaking feats Enthusiasts study are no exception nor exemption to the practical methods, the origins and sources are a mystery only per the underdeveloppment of the tools of our moment. There exists no reason to dismiss the search for new knowledge, and no threat that cannot be contained after enough studies."
A Lord-Polymath defending the value of technologies in an age of power and magic.
  The title of one sitting among the Imperial Council as the leader of the research and development in the Demon Empire. The Lord-Polymath commands the sages and essential workers who teach and study the ways of the world. He aims to improve the lives of the Demons and arm his country in the latest advances in technology.   That title nowaday belongs to Vel Grao Truthfinder, a former Lord-General who chose to spend his later years in a quieter profession.
Civic, Political
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