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Christian Gentil

Knight-Captain Christian Gentil

"Bravery and nobility will always carry the day. But cowardice and ineptitude can bring low the best crafted assault."
Christian failing to pick up the irony of his own words.
  Captain of the Royal Wraith Knight Brigade. A loyal and honest soldier who graduated with honors. While he performs admirably in single-combat with an elegant and smart use of water-magic, he shows weaknesses in both tactical warfare and simple deduction work. He accompanied the crown prince Clovis de Fortern during the skirmish around the Cleaving Hills as the commander of one of the wings. He often came to oppose General Braise's input and machinaly accused the other officers of incompetence, whenever they did the same to him.   Christian is appreciative of knightly deeds and stories, and yearns to prove himself the equal to these stories. He often volunteers in dangerous missions, even those better suited for Adventurers. But without his knights in tow, he often returns warped in failures.
Year of Birth
525 AS 32 Years old
Brown, half-receeding.

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