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Demon skin is thick and rough but reforms at a pace close to that of standard Humans. As such, it is a decent natural armor. There is however a skin condition that may affect a Demon at birth and throughtout their metamorphosises. Chelyosis manifest when the skin naturally becomes dry, thicker than usual and takes a scaly appearance like a turtle's shell. Such a condition has the potential to turn either into an imbalanced boon or a death sentence.


While technology in Orbido isn't advanced enough, it is roughly agreed that Chelyosis is an inheritable trait that can manifest randomly. As such, having parents or ancestry with the condition increases the probability of acquiring the trait.


The outcomes of Chelyosis vary widely depending on the severity of its symptoms. Skin is hard to get rid of when it grows over opening for instances. An abundance of skin can make moving certain parts of the body more painful. Skin infection may occur where the skin doesn't move regularly, cracking and splitting as if the whole body had become a chapped lip. Skin build-up over the eyes, ears or nostrils may affect eyesight, hearing, smelling, breathing. There is also an increased possibility of overheating because of the thicker skin if the person in question lives under hot, dry climates. If nothing is done to remedy these problems it can result in impairement or death in the worst cases.

Affected Groups

Chelyosis can affect any group at birth.


The only logical prevention method lies in the choice of a partner with no history of Chelyosis in their family tree. If already affected, looking for a partner without the condition similarily will result in less chance that the condition be inherited.

Cultural Reception

In a tightly-knit communities of Demons, such a condition is quickly spotted. Chelyosis has a cultural stigma where bearers are considered unlucky or doomed to an ugly existence and death. A condition where a Demon's skin is tougher at the cost of comfort and hygiene doesn't mean it sits well even within the martially-adjusted Empire. Many do not relish to inherit this condition, especially when the worst cases of Chelyosis may be life-threatening.
Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species

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