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Capitaine Masato "Le Rageux" Shishido

Capitaine Masato Shishido (a.k.a. "Le Rageux")

"Noone holds a point like Capitaine Shishido. Not sure if it's his spear or his screams that push back the enemy, but he sure gets the job done." Soldier of Fortern's fifth battalion, raising a cup for his capitaine.
  The capitaine of the 5th Battalion of the Forternian army is not a nobleman. He is a struggling and irrascible man who boils with passion and spite.   Born and bred in Forternian soil, Masato was once known under a different name given by his departed parents. A name he has bothered to share with anyone yet. Captured and sold as a slave by the Demon Legion, he was rescued on the road back by an ambush set by forternian forces.   Endebted to the Hero and General Marie Garcia who led the attack, Masato changed his name to his current one and joined the military to repay the favor and defend her ideals. He rose quickly through the ranks for his flanking abilities and the bottomless energy he showcases when rallying men for a stand. Masato leads his men with his quiet and angered glare on their backs, hoping to push some sense into them so they do not croak before plunging their swords in Demon guts.
Year of Birth
538 AS 19 Years old
Pale blue, frowning.
Blond, short trimmed.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.75 m
87 kg

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