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Blood Walker Council

"We are all equal here, if you forget the fact that I'm taller than all of you and could split you in in twine without much problem."
Paradocleth, making a joke on the full Council's first meeting.

The great and terrible bandit organization known as the Blood Walkers is lead by a council in a way similar to how small Imperial villages can function.   The council hasn't switched members a lot, with only two death of its members so far. A wonder given how anarchic the Marauders usually are.


There are currently five members of the council:

General Paradocleth
The strongest of the Blood Walkers. A former promising officer who grew crueler and more cunning with age. He was an Archdemon officer who convinced the deserters to form the Blood-Walkers, and has lead them ever since. He humbly presents himself has just one of the Five, but all groups consider him their surrogate Lord-Emperor.
Lady Cynthia
The second officer from Oveny"s defense force who accompanies the group since its creation. She has aged since the founding of the gang, and has yet to evolve from her Hellion form. Despite her frail appearance, she is Paradocleth's right arm, her cold ruthlessness granting her leave as the gang's executionner-in-chief.
Lady Dyonella
A former brothel employee in Mako Marith, captured during the Blood-Walker's first Raid on Mako Marith. It is said she plotted the death of the former Councillor, but no evidence could be found. She seduced her way to the top and keeps buying her place with her female soldiers' affectuous touch. As an Archdemon filled with power, there are few who can match her in combat.
Niarchoth the Sincere
Brash and jovial with a tint of stupidity. This Archdemon is a new addition who leads his troop via enthousiasm rather than planning. He is a loyal pup before General Paradocleth, and would gladly offer his life to the one who oppened him to this grand life of adventure and violence.
The second non-Archdemon Councillor. A silent observer, he has joined the group tardively but proved himself worthy of leadership quickly. His troops love him for his generosity and his modest nature that mirrors that of Paradocleth. Many luxurous items made their way to the Camp thanks to his network of agents in Demon Society. Rumors have it that Peristotle was part of a great Clan before.

Public Agenda

They lead the Blood Walkers with an iron hand mixed with slimy residue. The Councillors do not sit on their laurels however, determined to improve their organization's station in the Verdant Steppes and beyond.
Geopolitical, Village council
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Judicial Body
The Lower echellons of command are responsible for the officers under their command, themselves responsible for their men.
Official Languages

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