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Ar Clan

Formed in 268, during the advent of the Demon Empire. The Ar is dying clan with a single official representative left, Ar Vari. In the past, the Ar clan was known for providing exceptionnal frontline combatants for decades. It gifted the Empire with four Demon Lords throughout History who helped further the Conquest all the way to the Arbekan frontier. But those days have passed.   When the patriarch Ar Daragon died in 534 with a despondant heir and few adopted members, most of the clan's power was transfered to more able hands. Their heirloom city of Ar Barak, who was already in a poor shape, was gifted to another clan who failed to hold the reins effectively. The old city-state is now flooded with crime and gang activities.


A tribal structure, similar to other clans in the Empire. A patriarch commands the official and adopted members with assignments to improve the clan's station in political, administrative and militaristic affairs.

Trained arms reach the Heavens

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Clan
Parent Organization
Notable Members
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