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Humans are among the youngest races, but in the modern age, they dominate Orballia. They exist in all biomes and have a wide variety of cultures. Humans control all of the major city-states and sprawling trade empires. There are human kingdoms and settlements in every corner of the world. The majority of the human population lives on the coasts or in the Pythian Valley region and share fair skin and hair color ranging from blond to brown and red. There is however, a fair amount of ethnic diversity in the species, from the dark-skinned Pantamoor of the Northern Isles, to the mountain peoples with their almond-shaped eyes and light olive skin. Humans are generally friendly with their evolutionary cousins, the Andareans and Uulandeans, with whom they intermingle and share trade alliances. They are not friendly with the Dugari or the recently re-surfaced Kroll.

Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens

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