Transnational Aerospace Security Alliance (TASA)

The Transnational Aerospace Security Alliance is a multinational military and political alliance dedicated to protecting the atmospheric, orbital, and extraterrestrial interests of the various member nations across North America, Europe, and Oceania. TASA forces are divided between two corps: the Marine Corps and the Space Corps. The Space Corps manages all spacecraft, space facilities, and scientific/exploratory projects, while the Marine Corps is geared towards interplanetary air/ground combat and boarding action. Since its inception TASA has also been contracted to provide security to non-member nations and has even participated in significant terrestrial conflicts like the Great Pacific War and the War of the Americas.   Each TASA member nation is responsible for its own Terrestrial Forces to defend their borders. Some members can get away with keeping their Terrestrial Forces relatively small with the knowledge that TASA can rapidly deploy Marines from orbit or one of their regional bases.   TASA's total personnel strength is 1.79 million with ~950,000 in the TASA Space Corps, ~750,000 in the TASA Marine Corps, and 74,000 in TASA Special Operations Command. (Note that the Space Corps includes a large number of noncombatants who enlisted to participate in space exploration and scientific endeavors).


Ranks of the TASA Marine and Space Corps

(UNAS Armed Forces ranks for comparison)

TASA and UNAS Enlisted Ranks
Enlisted Ranks
TASA and UNAS Officer Ranks
Officer Ranks

TASA Logo  


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