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House of the Red Herron

The House of the Red Herron is considered across the world to be a threat; they are considered the second most dangerous organization, capable of fully dealing with members of all countries other than the Sorcerer's Federation of Sel. The house, while mainly consisting of regular citizens of Kin, is a focus point for assassins, training and dispatching assassins-for-hire.


Assassin Heirarchy
Name Numbers
House Head1
Star Walkers10
Blood Family5-15
Mightnight Masked25
Assassins(Further Ranks Included)1000-5000
The House Head is a skilled assassin, though there are far more pressing matters to deal with than just jobs. Imagine the stress that she must be under. Just because she never does jobs, her positions as a House Head is no less important.
— Unknown
The role of the House Head -- a legislative power carried down from the regular houses of the Kingdom of Kin -- is further strengthened in the House of the Red Herron. Due to the house consisting of assassins-for-hire, it is the job of the House Head to accept or decline jobs while selecting the appropriate teams to do so. The house head is usually the most skilled assassin in the ranks of the royal family, however, they may not be the most skilled assassin of the time as the title remains in the original bloodline. Significantly, they tend to deal with outside matters over taking part in jobs, acting as the only connection to the rest of the world.

Star Walkers

  The night grew older, city lights visible across the horizon like fireflies: nothing more than small distractions. A small party of travelers were hunkered down in the brush in a futile attempt to hide, failing on all accounts as they were actively being observed, from afar, by three assassins. These three figures stood along a hill, dressed in intricate black tunics that twisted around their bodies in optically confusing shapes.   The first to leave moved through the night, appearing between shadows; all the while, they watched travelers without falter. Through the shadow, they made no sound, skipping across space without a though. In the smallest bits of light, flashes of silver revealed to their companions, a hand clutched around a silver dagger.   Holding a marked sword, the second joined; moving silently, they were equally entangled among the shadows, each step carrying them far farther than possible. Curling around the sword, flames that stole the darkness that coated the night.   The third assassin was the least cautious, walking without a thought in a straight-forward manner towards the travelers. Hands clasped behind their back, they captured the attention of the other assassins as they approached. Taking the forward position, the assassin revealed gloved hands, white Magic weaving through the darkness, shattering the calm as it moved. Wrapping closer around the camp, the travelers noticed, in a flash, the figures approaching.   Magic spun through the air, the assassins coming into conflict with the traveling sorcerers. However -- despite their disadvantage in magic -- the assassins moved quickly, gaining the upper ground on the shocked targets. Screams, wasted on the ear of the enemy, shattered the final remains of the crisp night air -- the sound masking the murmured words as the assassins vanished into the wind. ▼Display Short▼
A small story, following three assassins from the House of the Red Herron.   A Star Walker is a profession assigned to only the most skilled assassins, a role requiring both physical and Magical aptitude. These assassins are considered the very fingers of the House Head. They are one of the most professional groups, consisting of ten assassins handpicked. The assassins are significant due to being able to deter outside influence and for watching over the cities of assassins to make sure that no "laws" are broken.  
The ten assassins are known for being nearly impossible to stop, even sorcerers from the Sorcerer's Federation of Sel often falling to the power of the Star Walkers; the name of the ten assassins came from the magic that they often use, as the assassins appointed to the position are usually those who studied the use of forms of Pure Magic or Conjuring Magic to be able to walk across the stars.   The level of success that the ten Star Walkers have faced has left their name to be considered a dark omen. Having been able to kill sorcerers, they tend to never leave the house -- unless dealing with sorcerers -- instead, acting as the tools that keep the borders of the house enclosed. There are records of them being able to defeat entire sections of armies.
You should fear them. Some of our greatest Sorcerers have fallen to these assassins. The ten of them are some of the most dangerous people in the world. Even some Tri-Sorcerers have fallen to them.
— Unknown Sorcerer to a Pupil of the Academy of the Mastery of Magic
  The title can shift hands often, as it is within the power of the House Head to change who holds the title as they wish. However, Star Walkers tend to hold the title until death or their optional stepdown from the title. Reaching the rank, while up to the House Head is also a huge responsibility due to the level of skill and Magic that a Star Walker needs to know.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
House of the Dark Walkers
Training Level
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Dependent territory
Economic System
Mixed economy
The assassins of the House of the Red Herron don't have an official currency, preferring for a monopoly to occur. Their hired jobs require different payments, usually through the form of material possessions rather than money, however the raw value of minerals are used in common place exchanges.
Legislative Body
Being a house of the Kingdom of Kin, they are technically alloted a single house head -- a rule they abide by. However, this is the only aspect of regular law they follow as they ignore all forms of judicial system due to their house being the smallest in population.
Parent Organization
Public Agenda
The House of the Red Herron has set itself up in a position where they can remain neutral despite attacking all countries. This also helps to create a relationship with the world where all parties have benefits.

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