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The Foundation of Oogma

Scope (write a sentence on each):

What is your motivation for building this world?

I wanted to explore the Hellenistic period through a D&D lens and blend in culture and pulp.  

What are you hoping to get out of it?

History is often more interesting then fiction and I want my players to see and experience it like the "Assassin's Creed" series. And for me I want to do more research in often over looked period of time.  

What is the Hook or Unique Selling Point of your world? What makes it unique or different?

  Rather than being an a-typical fantasyland I wanted to invoke confluence of culture and political upheaval. Individuals can have a dramatic impact upon the world or remain silent influencers.  


What’s the Genre of your World?

Semi-historical fantasy with a pulp action feel.  

How does the world feel (player experience)?

With a massive power vacuum in which everyone is vying to fill, the world is vibrant, heart-pounding and dripping with potential.  

What is the tone of your world

The world is mostly high adventure but flexible enough to have pockets of shadow.  

What is the character agency level like?

Players will ultimately set the tone for this, if they want to be the next Alexander it's entirely possible, but they'll need to work for it.  

What are the recurring themes which reinforce the genre, tone and feel of your world? (Give three examples)

  1. Multi-cultural cities.
  2. Waring city-states.
  3. Exploration and discovery.


Agriculture And Trade: Due to the Iskar's expansion and empire building, while variety people and culture existed they were unified under Iskar's reign, allowing for unprecedented expansion in trade and culture for they all spoke the common tongue of Ellas.   Military Influence: Iskaria being the founding city of the Philosopher Warrior King Iskar they have a great deal of military technology more so then their later sister cities within the empire. As such the the residents take a great deal of pride in their military superiority.   Arts And Culture Influence: With rapid expansion of the empire many areas remain unexplored. Now many seek to find and discover what lies within. Beyond the trade of goods, ideas, religion and philosophy also quickly spread. With these two threads converging it created cultural revolution of exploration.  


1. With Iskar's untimely death and his refusal to announce a successor all of the generals are trying to claim the Iskar's empire for themselves.   2. Due to the trade routes and artifact collectors an new social class is emerging, causing unease in the traditional seats of power.   3. Iskar may have rapidly gobbled up land in his pursuit to expand the empire, he mostly tore down standing governments without ever really building them back up leaving his generals to defend the lands and exposing the empires borders to assaults from native and nomadic tribes.   4. Serval city-states began to crop up due to the lack of unified power and the majority of them have resources the generals desperately need in order to calm power of the empire.   5. Among this great upheaval, along the borders stories of blight, decay and ruin are starting to make their way back to the major cites.

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