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The Silver Seat




  The Silver Seat was funded and built with the money of Inired the Infamous, a massive crime lord, back around 11 AU, when Orimar was still finding its footing as the capital of the Ruby Republic. Inired intended for the building to be a safehouse for his gang, and it was for many years. In 14 AU, as police presence began to grow, he expanded the safehouse, adding a gambling room, a second story for sleeping, and a room in the back which he called the "fun" room. I'm sure you could guess what that might be.   In 21 AU, Inired had taken control of Newside, Riverside, the Apartments, the Foundry, and most of the Markets. In fact, he seemed so unstoppable that he sent a note to the mayor of Orimar detailing his crimes and crime empire. The mayor immediately launched an assault on his own city, but it was ill-fated. The Ruby Guard had barely made it into Newside when they were ripped apart by archers stationed surrounding the streets, including the second floor of the safehouse. Inired then claimed Orimar as his own in a second note to the mayor.  

Becoming an Inn

  The mayor of Orimar refused to let his city slip away so easily. He hired assassins to kill Inired and put a bounty on his head. Inired managed to survive all of the external threats, but, in 23 AU, one of his own closest officers betrayed him. This officer, Chanil, managed to get Inired alone in one of the rooms on the second floor of the safehouse, and then stabbed him with a poisoned dagger and locked the door. The rowdy party ongoing on the first floor failed to hear the dying man's screams and pleas, and Chanil slipped into the gambling room without so much as a suspicious glance.   When Inired's dead body eventually was found, each of the officers began fighting each other for supremacy. Chanil, who had expected this and planned for it, triggered a trap he had set in the room earlier, killing most of the officers. Most of the survivors were maimed, but the few who got away were enough to shatter the empire.   Chanil took Inired's head to the mayor of Orimar to receive his bounty, and assumed control of Newside. He was soon murdered by one of his own officers, however, in the bloody gang war that followed Inired's demise.   In 25 AU, after the gang war had calmed down and the authorities had retaken control of most of the city, the safehouse was sold to a certain Riktol, a crime lord himself. Riktol gave the place its current name, after Silver, the goddess of intrigue, and made it an inn. He kept all of the rooms as they were, and ran it as a haven for criminals and outlaws from near and far.  


  These days, the Silver Seat, now run by a man called Horl, remains the same haven it always was. Criminals still come here, in fact it is quite famous among the Ruby Republic's underbelly. The room in which Inired was killed is now allegedly haunted. Tenants say they hear screams of death in the night and have been known to hallucinate knives that aren't there. There is even the occasional report of seeing the ghost of Inired himself.   The ghost of Chanil, who was killed in the gambling room, is also believed to haunt the Silver Seat. There have even been reports of Riktol haunting the place, though nobody really believes those.   Horl himself makes a pretty penny from running the tavern, between rigged gambling and the "fun" room, despite selling room and board at a loss. Horl has enough money and contacts within the underbelly to be considered a minor crime boss in his own right, and indeed, he has some seedy practices, but he's also smart enough to know not to let on about that, or he might end up with a target on his back.
Previous Owners  
  1. Inired the Infamous (11 AU - 23 AU)
  2. Chanil the Traitor (23 AU - 24 AU)
  3. Unclear/Unknown (24 AU - 25 AU)
  4. Riktol (25 AU - 31 AU)
  5. Drodin (31 AU - 37 AU)
  6. Tonn (37 AU - 45 AU)
  7. Tiludis (45 AU - 72 AU)
  8. Horl (72 AU - present, 82 AU)
Food and Drink  
  • Bass 
  • Salmon
  • Trout
  • Steak
  • Sketchy Meats
  • Mead
  • Ale
  • Cigars and other tobacco products
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Location: Newside, Orimar   Owner: Horl   Cost (per night): 1 silver   Special Features: Haunted, Criminal hub

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Mar 18, 2022 08:20 by Mikael Jokela

This seems like an unique inn! I enjoy the quaint detail of adding previous owners and the years where they owned the establishment to the article! Were you considering on adding a map, or other art to the article? They could really help visualise the environment!

Mar 23, 2022 15:32

Thank you for your input, I never thought about adding a map! I'll look into that.

Mar 31, 2022 21:55 by Michael Chandra

Smart Horl... Don't make waves and hope they don't notice you, and be ready to fold if ever needed...

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