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One Piece: Absurd Justice

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Forty-One years have passed since the fall of the Great Kingdom. In its place a new empire formed: The World Government, made up of twenty kingdoms and the countries united under them.   Just as the world breathed a sigh of relief, The Twenty Kings declared themselves as its "true creators". Any information regarding the Great Kingdom was declared "dangerous." The past 100 years, including The Time of War, was now known as "The Void Century," and any word written or spoken about it would result in immediate (and severe) action from the World Government.   An age of piracy erupted in the anarchy of a burgeoning World Government. The WG established The Navy, whose marines served to enforce peace throughout its territory. In defiance of the World Government's authoritarian rule, four of the most notorious and powerful pirate captains, known as The Four Emperors of the Sea, declared themselves and all under their banners as autonomous.   Due to the threat posed by The Four Emperors, The World Government responded by creating two additional organizations. To deter its citizens from rebellion, a secretive organization known as Cipher Pol was established with the primary objectives of reporting and dealing with insubordination. To combat the pirate menace and further enhance their military might, the WG sanctioned pirates who could pillage and raid to their hearts' content so long as they served as a deterrence to any upcoming pirates and would obey the beck and call of the WG when needed. These were known as The Seven Warlords of the Sea.   Two years ago, the doctrine of "Absolute Justice" was declared. This action would have consequences for hundreds of years to come, but for now, we find ourselves at the epicenter of great change. A time of destruction and rebirth. But despite the importance this time holds, it wasn't well documented. Perhaps intentionally.