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Types of Magic Energy

Everything in the world is made of energy. To some extent, we understand this: we know the material world in its entirety is made up so many electrons, protons, and neutrons. Some of the people from that old world may have known this, of course, particularly after the development of Quantum , but I have to wonder what more they saw.

Sources of Magical Energy

There are many opinions as to which fount of energy is best for which purpose, but no proof. A magic user's preferred source of energy seems to be largely a matter of taste, though some would swear it is more. In reality, the difference between the sources of magic energy are similar to the differences between any sets of fuel. The manifestations and purposes of magic are dependent on individual magic users who often follow specific Schools of Magic.

Notable exception: the source is incredibly hard for most to draw from and, though it is considered a type of magic energy, it is quite dissimilar to other types. For more information regarding the Source specifically, see The Source  

The Types of Energy

The Source
Source energy is the hardest to accurately define. The Source is everything, ans everything is in the Source. Perhaps this literally means the Source is the multiverse itself. Perhaps it is the beginning, end, and entirety of all things. It is more than fuel. What little we know about it is detailed here.

Natural Energy
The energy in material things, including plants and minerals. Things like tides and the movements of astral bodies are often also considered natural energy, though they may also be classed as celestial energy.

Vital Energy
The energy that animates living beings (biological energy).

Emotional Energy
Emotional energy is the most familiar to us. Most people have emotions, and are aware of their tremendous affect. Beyond this, emotions are a source of magical power. Emotions are tied to the energy that is transmitted between people, and you can find details on that below.

Excess Vital and Emotional Energy
When people expend energy, whether physically or emotionally, some emanates from them into the world around them. This energy can be reined in and drawn upon. This is considered one form of feeding, or pulling. It is not typically considered immoral to draw upon this energy without consent because it is seen as no longer belonging to anyone. Energy is almost always emanating in this way but excess energy is more notable at festivals and other events where people expend energy as groups. It is often thought the trance like states entered by people dancing to the beat of drums around fires are caused by tapping into the energy of the people with whom they celebrate.  

Energy Transmission: Feeders, Donors, and Pushing.

Energy can be transmitted from one person to another. Transferring energy in this way usually transfers the emotions of the person the energy is coming from. Because of this, transfers of energy are key in Empathy Magic. They are also used as supplemental methods of communication, most notable in personal relationships. Because of the intensity with which you can usually feel the emotions during an energy transfer, it is also often used in sexual relations.

Feeding: Feeding is the process of drawing energy out of someone. Though it could be used to weaken an opponent, and many work to shield themselves from this, it is usually done with consent. Drawing excess emotional and vital energy that has already emanated into the environment is also considered feeding, and since this energy no longer belongs to anyone, it is not considered immoral to use it without consent. Feeding is also referred to simply as pulling.

Donors: Donors are people who consent to having large amounts of energy taken from them. People who are regular donors to a specific person generally choose this so that the person pulling the energy can preform magical feats requiring high amounts of raw energy on a regular basis. This is considered a position of honour and donors are often highly regarded. Prime donors are are people capable of providing a deep font of energy, allowing others to draw almost astronomical quantities of raw power. The reason they have this capacity is unknown.
It is important to note that non-donors can allow their energy to be drawn from as well, but that there is no specific term for this.

Pushing: Whereas donors allow energy to be drawn from them, pushing involves actively moving ones own vital and emotional energy into another person. In doing so, one can focus on specific emotions, messages, and even sensations they want to share. Again, this is often used in Empathy Magic, as well as personal relations. The key difference between being being drawn from and pushing is agency.

note: There is no need for extract vital energy from blood, but it is entirely possible.

A Note on Dependence.

Common perception is that some people need to draw magic from others to survive. Although this is false, it is an understandable mistake. Energy of all kinds is addictive and many people find it easier to pull that energy from others. Losing that energy can cause symptoms related to any addiction, including but not limited to extreme cravings and mental health problems. When one's main source of energy is other people, however, being cut off is even more troublesome. This is because one also loses the connection and rushes of emotion that come from feeding.

Now, beyond just symptoms of withdrawal, some people seem to get weak or physically ill when they aren't feeding. From the outside, this certainly looks as though they are akin to the vampires we see in popular culture. There are two main reasons why this happens.

  1. They are using more magic than they are taking in. If they aren't drawing enough magic from other people or nature to do whatever it is they use magic for, they start to wear down their own vital and emotional energy. This makes them more susceptible to infections and injuries and, eventually, can wear them out completely.

  2. Some people, even if they stop doing magic the way we think about it (e.g. actively casting spells, preforming rituals, communicating with other plane, etc), cannot actually stop doing magic and survive. These are the people who have either done extremely powerful magic without taking the necessary precautions or who have done magic consistently for an extremely long time. Such uses of magic generally cause considerable wear on the body. Eventually, there comes a time when enough damage has been done that the body requires magic for basic healing and regeneration. Because they cannot actually stop using magic altogether, these people will continue to degenerate until they either secure a consistent source of energy, or lose control of their functions completely and die.

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